The Colours of December

Walk along with me into my garden of colours
Let me show off Nature's pride
So colourful, so vibrant
Makes me yearn to own them

Then again, I remind myself
To forsake the mindset of worldly possessions
Cos I know deep inside
This bounty is indeed mine
To have my fill, ensure its nurturing
To one day soon
Allow another, the same joy
The same magical awe

Till then, I shall safegaurd this treasure zealously
Have my fill and more
Watch the birds play hide and seek
Enjoy my private conversations
With the Universe

For my heart is full of
Song and cheer
Nature does know, just like a Mother
To heal and give unconditionally

Come, walk with me
In my garden of colours.


Rahul said...

Just can't decide what is more beautiful, your words or these flowers.
Superbly written and fabulously clicked:))
ThankQ for sharing, keep clicking n writing as it brings joy to many :)

Shweta said...

Beautiful. Caring and passionate!

Rajj said...

Spin memories for the long haul. Lovely:)

john said...

Someone is letting her artistic nature come out and play:)

nkitt said...

Man I wrote quite a bit, and it's all gone :( damn you sundar and your google and what not. In short man nice pic, bringing out beauty out of ordinary. And also I didn't read the words ;p