Who works tirelessly, selflessly, above their own needs? Never looks for praise and recognition. Never seeks attention from us or others for their hard work? They get their rewards when we pass our examinations in academia, when we become tall, taller, when we perform brilliantly in sports. These are our lives unsung hero’s -our parents. They work most selflessly till their last breath for us children. And we take from them effortlessly, naturally without questioning.

Many memories flitted through my head today. I decided to dedicate today’s post to life’s unsung hero’s.

The parent of a child with severe health problems or learning difficulties, who has to find the resources, every day, to cope with the crushing demands of caring for someone with special needs. It's not just the physical demands, of course, it's also the emotional challenge of watching so-called normal kids — and their parents — get on with lives that seem like a breeze by comparison.

The lady whose husband suffers dementia and has finally, against her will, seen him admitted to a nursing home. Every day she visits him, usually to find him in a state of blissful ignorance of who she is or why she's there. Like thousands of such sad spouses, she is only occasionally rewarded by a flicker of recognition. She still loves him, and she has known for years that love's work is hard work.

The man who once had aspirations to be a leader in his profession but who finally realizes that in the eyes of his peers, he is an also-ran. Having a wife and children to support, he sticks gamely to his job, year after year, sees his children through university and hears his wife lavishly praised for going back to working in her 50s. He finds contentment in having helped make all that possible.

The couples, countless in number, who learn to swallow their disappointments in each other, and discover the rich meaning of "for better, for worse".

A mother who works in anganwadi , selling idli’s to feed her son and his other siblings so that they can get a decent education and eventually become bright successful adults. Her labour of love - unflinching, uncompromising.

"I will drink the Ocean'' says the persevering soul, ''at my will mountains will crumble up''. Have that sort of energy, that sort of will, work hard, and you will reach the goal." Swami Vivekananda

My salute to you – great hero’s!


Citius, Altius, Fortius.

These are the Latin words for the Olympic motto, which means "Swifter, Higher, and Stronger." The best athletes from around the world exemplify that creed as they compete in the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

On one hand I receive mails from unknown people urging us to boycott the Beijing Games, and on the other hand the news channels are full of stories of the American murder at the Games.

On one hand we hear of a lesser known state called Georgia who is under severe attack by Russia and despite those troubles at home bravely competing at the Olympics, while, on the other hand we see a sportswoman parading in the nude against animal fur at the grounds of a stadium in Beijing.

The biggest show of sports competition some would argue - The Olympics. Spectacular grandeur. Power. Politics. A show of strength and supremacy surely.

Today, in India, people from all walks of life, have felt very proud of the Gold won by Bindra. He was terrific. Despite we faring miserably against Sri Lanka in cricket and losing the match and the series, the Gold at the Olympics did the nation proud. Almost made the bitter end of the cricket test series swalloable, if I may add!

A first ever in shooting, this Gold. A difficult feat, but Abhinav broke through the cobwebs and brought home priceless joy to the country that goes far beyond the value of any reward. No amount of incentive could substitute the pride, the gold-winning sportsman would get for himself and for the Indian people. The Indian tricolor that went up and the national anthem that reverberated through the award ceremony are moments etched in history books forever.

Time to allow the champagne to pop. What a stellar journey this has been for Abhinav. Was this an individual feat and a personal achievement for him and his family? Or will the sports association of India quickly claim this to be their legal win and their contribution to India?

Am sure we will soon see the business tycoons pledge money to him, and also to air rifle shooting, heralding the golden era for the Olympic sport in India, as many enthusiasts of the country are quick to rush in and claim. The nations Olympic track record has not been too bright. But the Indian spirit has seen a recharge. A fairytale unfolding.


Finally learning to love to read

I lost the habit of reading since the internet became so powerful and imposing in my life. And didn’t realize what I was missing out. My brother noticed me slacking off on books so he gifted me a book a month ago. One of those days when the Tv was on the blink due to heavy rains, I picked up this book and didn’t put it down till I read it from cover to cover. Why did I give up reading I wonder now, in hindsight? This was a habit that was pleasurable and imparted immense satisfaction.

I believe reading should be sweet, pleasurable, and thought provoking in a flying ninja-like way. And in turn must inspire life-long reading habits.

In the hurry-up world we live in, there always seem to be too much to do. People to meet. Travel. Work. Business. Emails to write. Socialize. And yet when you stop to think about it, we also like to think that knowledge is cumulative and selective, forever building on the best of what came before. The resulting paradox pops to the surface as fast as a cork. How can we achieve selectivity and accumulation unless we also read, and read a lot? The time has come to bring back the good old habit of daily reading. The time has come to rebel against the tyranny of overload to make space daily to read each others works and discuss them. What a radical thought! When I started blogging I had no idea how that would also compel me to read more before I put my finger to the type pad. Am glad this habit has resurfaced for me.

The Times, says the government will introduce its Green Paper outlining plans to officially adopt an anti-piracy stance to the one used in France - get caught downloading copyrighted material ( read paperbacks) three times and your internet connection will be terminated. Which means Governments are trying to impose reading back into peoples lives from books rather than the internet. Am not sure we need such strictures because of not reading anymore. It’s a free choice we exercise and must be an individual’s prerogative to figure.


Technology,faking it or making it?

There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that Technology has evolved and changed the way we think, share, communicate, work and live! We have yet not fully absorbed the significance of it. We are all connected like never before. We are always an internet connection away, no matter where in the world we are.

Look at life, from an 8 year olds perspective - she is born into a world where everyone invariably owns a cell phone. Everyone knows about the internet. There are 2 TV’s at home. Cable TV gives over 200 channels and pay per view movies are abundantly available. Email, chatting and video conferencing are just normal things everyone does. Sms is a way of life. Digital cameras make looking good easy. Money spewing machines are part of daily fixture.

From an adult’s perspective, downloading banking information, knowing credit balance is a click away, paying bills is so easy today. We buy online, mail online send pictures online. With broadband, people work from homes. Because of cell phones, business happens 24 hours round the clock .Laptop computers help make jobs mobile when necessary. Online chatting has given many a life to live. These people would have never met any of these friends if it was not for the Internet

On the other hand I could argue that Technology is the artificial enhancement of human power. It should make us stronger and smarter; however our lazy world is discovering that it now has the opposite effect.

Technology controls the truth. The growing inability of people to know their financial status, land ownership, radar cameras, red light cameras, breath analyzers – dna testing. The words of scientists and sages are no longer certain. Since books are rapidly being replaced by computer display, technology has made obtaining information easy in principle, but in practice there is no one charged with ensuring the information online is genuine.

Is Technology increasing the Social confusion? There is no financial security, no one can be sure they will not lose their job. Skills and qualifications no longer guarantee employment, which undermines the purpose of schools, colleges and universities. Rise In Crime; poverty, idleness and despair can only increase criminal activity.

I'd believe Technology is a great enabler. Helps mend, helps bring together, helps create, helps with ingenuous ideas. Technology, indeed, has the power to shape the future. But technology is not created by itself. People create it. The more we are empowered the better the world can get, unified and integrated.

A...argh!! Its Monday again!

Yet another Monday is back. I feel sullen. Monday mornings always seem to be here all too soon. Especially after a weekend that came and — Whoosh! — it's already flown by. And all too soon, it's Monday the dread day. But no matter how much I moan or groan, there is no escaping the M days. I want to snuggle deeper into my quilts and hide my eyes away from the light streaming through the curtains and want to chuck the alarm clock in the sea!

But alas the alarm peals away consistently and I got to move my hands to find it and stop it from yelping so much. I sleepwalk my way to the music system- it works for me! The music helps blank the mind...For today its got to be some pick-me-up — peppy numbers, on other days it could be lilting instrumentals, chants or whatever else works for that day, but today has to be something more quicker, faster to wrench me out of my sleep starved state.

The brain slowly comes awake and the adrenalin soon wakes me up. A quick ready to leave state and a gulp of the glass of milk and am on the move. I get to work humming the last song I heard …

Some say if you drink a full glass of water as soon as you wake up, it can give you almost as much energy as drinking something caffeinated. This is because your body looses fluid during the night. Well, for me it works. I drink lotsa water< when I remember to:)

Was also told to try having something with protein in breakfast. Egg whites or nuts. The proteins makes one feel more alert and ready to tackle the M day ahead!Since I am not a breakfast person I get to work very early and about 10ish order for some food that keeps the engine running till lunch

If I could . I would sleep in an extra hour on Monday mornings. Going to bed early on Sunday night doesn't always help I remain awake until my usual bedtime. So as I trudge through the day, music is my constant companion and sees me through the day - my saviour

Soon it will be Tuesday, I remind myself, a good thought to get through the day!:)


Spazzing - A promise of transformation

A visit to the Spa – is about looking good - hair, skin, nails, feet, whatever.

They consult, they shape, they cut, they shade, they create - a signature look for us. You could be spending up to 4 hours in a spa. And watch the old skeletons tumble out from your cupboard. Speak about your husband or boyfriend or lover or friends or bosses, political views or traffic snarls, Manmohan Singh or Advani. And your attendant is your best friend in the hours you spend here. It’s a strange soul connection you form with them for those hours. You lay down your nails/hair and your troubles to them. They so understand. They look at you with such empathy, silently saying “I wish I could take away your troubles honey”, that you are willing to try the new derma creams and the expensive conditioners which cost 5 times more than the ones you have been using thus far. All done so smoothly, so caringly, that you don’t realize till you are back home, when you feel much lighter in the pocket!

If what you go there for, doesn’t turn right, then nothing is right. And what happens when a plan goes badly off? You want to wrap your well manicured hands around the stylist’s slender neck and see how sorry she looks next... By now she probably has this terror stricken look “I am not sure how this happened”. So why is she there in the first place if she is not sure? Nobody knows. Guess the spa probably is understaffed, its not my office alone, but spaz too, so, they got them interns!

Seen brides on their wedding days? Over dressed and over decked? O boy! Why so much war paint and why so much fuss? If you look good everyday then chances are with “dressing up” you ai’nt gonna look good no more! Seen too many “off’s” and that’s sad because on this special day every bride must look the part – stunning!:)

Then they sell you “care” products from cuticle care, to tint colour care to hair care. Consumerism thrives. We are the suckers. For a normal toilet soap that should cost a few rupees, we are willing to pay hundreds because the “brand” is so cool!

Ever seen a new-comer walk into a spa and how she/he behave? They look cornered and testy. I mean if you ai’nt comfortable being here, why are you here darlin? And then quickly the hostess will walk upto them and get busy settling them down. Hmmm:)

Nail bar is supremo uno for me…love the ambiance and I know I am paying through my nose for it, love the guys who strut around looking terribly busy doing nothing, and the pamper – am willing to walk away thousands of rupees short:)