Oooh those melting eyes


Budd the pup

From his beautiful mommy GG

Who herself was a puppy 

Not so long ago.

Filled with curiosity

And not a worry.

The only ask is to explore

Chase the monkeys

Play with mangoes 

Make a reassuring pact

With his master 

For the daily biscuits

That he so adores.

Happy to roll in the grass

And bark furiously 

Because GG is barking. 

For what is play

Without some 

aping, soil and dust.

The lone wanderer

Its bossing time. The Lord of all he surveys and smells:D 

All he is, is a puppy:) 

Will one day break the bounds of puppyhood

Go through some dramatic experiences in life

But for now, he is the Lord of all he surveys

Fully knowing Mommy GG is a bark away:)