Beneath the horse's hooves: Ferrari

When you view Germany or China or even Singapore, you do with respect? Perhaps tinged with a bit of fear and awe? These nations are not to be taken lightly. Yet when foreigners seek India, come to India- they walk all over us.

Does your blood not curdle? Are we nationalistic and proud enough as a nation? When someone insults India, why don't most Indians hurt and want to lash out? Any insult to our nation cannot be casual & natural no-more!

Being an ardent Formula 1 fan and at that an ardent Ferrari fan it pains me to see Sports making overtures so obvious, into Politics.

Where or why did Ferrari antagonize its fans in India? A couple of months ago 2 Italian navy sailors killed 2 unarmed Indian fishermen in Indian waters (the Italians dispute the jurisdiction). India arrested and charged these 2 marines. The Italian government wants the Indian government to let the Marines free. Perhaps because they know the Italian connection that exists in the ruling party in the Indian govt? The arrogance and the racist undertones in Italy's stance are obvious to me and many others. The subtext rings loud and clear "Our marines killed 2 of your guys by mistake but what's the big deal. We'll pay a couple of crores, the poor fishermen don’t matter either way” seems to be the disregard for India

My question is, do you think, that if the fishermen were Italians, India would have got away with such a sub text? Or if it had been Americans killed off the coast of America, the Italians would dare be this brazenly arrogant? Does Ferrari foolishly believe that Indians will hear and believe Ferrari, more than their own common sense?

The Formula 1 Indian Grand Prix is this weekend. Ferrari has announced it will carry an Italian Navy flag specifically in support of their 2 marines. It's not like Ferrari has been carrying the flag throughout the season. They're doing this only in India. They're not even using the pretext of just supporting the Italian navy in general. Their statements specifically mention support for the murderers. This is akin to a British team carrying the flag of General Dyer's regiment only in India to express solidarity with his actions in Jalianwala Bagh! 

Beneath the horse's hooves, lies a Ferrari with misplaced intentions  Or maybe not. Ferrari is way out of line in supporting their marines who are murderers, whose crime, I repeat, is not even in doubt. Ferrari is espousing the wrong cause and has embroiled itself in unwanted controversy by declaring support to the accused Italian marines. 

As an Indian, I find Ferrari's stance stupid, misplaced and irresponsible. If Ferrari was genuinely concerned for the truth, it would know how insensitive its support for their Marines who were target practising on our unarmed fishermen, is! What a farce being played out this weekend

India needs nationalism more than any lip service today. This is not a regular incidence to be casual about.. I am a huge supporter and fan of Scuderia Ferrari, BUT, I am a bigger patriot of my country! No way should the marines flag be branded on the car. It’s very wrong. Ferrari’s jingoism is misplaced.