I need a holiday!

We all work hard. Weekends are more like workends. We sleep with our smartphones. And we think vacations are for wimps. So we don’t take them. Or if we do take a break its because folks nag nag nag, so, we take work along with us.

But my own learnings have impressed on me that a break, a holiday, a vacation not only makes me feel healthier and happier, equally makes folks - family feel the same. So why are we busting our backsides without a well deserved break? 

Here I feel the need to add a qualifier- a break by definition means- time out. Time to unwind, pace down, go slow, relax. It aint about the same frenzied life like at work- now on a vacation too!  

Allow those mellow, good vibes, to envelope you, let that deep breath inhale all the worthy oxygen to help create a happiness pandemic. This collective restoration in itself is healing and rejuvenating. 

Most cold countries, see a sharp decline in anti-depressant prescriptions during their summers. Telling isnt it? Vacation time must mean leave work completely aside. Do the things you like and enjoy. Get outside, meet friends, spend time with loved ones, discover places and new people, spend time with aging parents, have that aromatic brew you so love with a friend you haven't met in eons, chase away the blues, just be.

Resting, gathering lost energies back, enhances emotional mood and productivity once back in the hum drum of daily life. Patience levels are higher, tolerance quotient deeper. 
Wonder why corporates don't encourage this - given how positively it impacts work. They say Europeans, with their 20 and 30 days of paid vacation every year, live longer and spend less on health care than Americans. 

Get awed by the gigantic elephants in the wild, the sleeping lions in the shade, the dew drop on a leaf, the singing and dancing around the campfire, the friendly jostle over a drink, the beautiful sunrise in a kayak...without the niggle of the blinking light on the BlackBerry, or the dread of work pile up once you are back

This cannot be too much to expect for ourselves surely? Especially if you do understand the weight of *health is wealth* - so go on, take frequent breaks,
get transported, and sort of awed by nature or whatever it is that you love to do over and over again.


melinda said...

Resonates! Deeply resonates!! I want a holiday NOW!!

Shweta said...
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Shweta said...

All you workaholics hear hear:):)

Rajj said...

Still waiting for you guys to land up in CA! Come sooon!

Aijaz Ahmed Pitafi said...

Wish it was that easy as you portray!Keep enjoying weekends as weekends :)

sheila said...

Time to stir out of the laggardness that surrounds me and pick up my bucket list! LOL

ashish said...

Gimme, gimme, gimme a break! My chant in office since a week:)

gita said...

Cannot undermine the importance of a break. Given the crazy stress levels of today...apt post!