Java City my local Starbucks

There was this warm friendly neighborhood coffee hangout I used to frequent at my old workplace; hadn’t been there for some time. I was passing by the other day and thought I should pop in to have my evening caffeine shot there. As I approached, the same old steward smiled and greeted me, I took my usual table with the world view, he brought my usual cappuccino and cookies the way I always had there, accompanied with the usual butter croissant the way I like, with my usual drink, and a copy of the usual paper I read. I looked around, breathed the coffee aromas wafting most enticingly past me, watched the world go by. All this, without either one of us exchanging a single word.

I sat there, gazing from my ‘usual’ place for sometime. I hadn’t realized that I always ordered the same thing; I hadn’t realized I always read the paper while eating. I hadn’t realized that this ‘familiar stranger’ knew my evening snack routine better than me.

Don’t know why the theme song Cheers popped into my head at that moment…followed by a smile.

How many familiar strangers do I know? How many do you know?


Why is Christmas such a happy season?

This is perhaps my most favourite festival of the year. From my many excursions all around the world winter season across continents, nations, states, cities, towns all have a underlying emotion of joy and happiness which is not motivated but genuine

The Christmas trees small and big, luxurious and simple, all beckon you warmly. There is an expectant air of surprise and happiness unbridled, chirping from every nook and cranny. The most awaited time of the year has to be December and Christmas

Memorable and fantastic (month long) free sweets and puddings and cakes and chocolates at the work place, to happy music washing the corridors we walk, to the well decorated malls and shops with fairy lights, the occasional Santa you come across that triggers all wonderful school memories of surprise gifts….O this season of ‘chirp’ rules for me.

Red Christmas plants flowering everywhere, decorating and ornamenting the real or the plastic Christmas tree which is a ceremony by itself in so many homes, the churches wearing a buzz of bonding, forgiving and forgetting old wounds, Christmas definitely brings with it something special each year.

Besides the popular gingerbread cookies, kal kals and marzipan, and the famous plum cake that Mathew’s mum bakes (has to be the bestest in the world), the holiday season surely takes on a light, flirty, tinkling laughing hue

As Christmas is the season of good cheer and goodwill, it also becomes a handy excuse to get in contact with family, beloved ones as well as friends. Very often during the year we don't find the time to stay connected – Christmas becomes the very reason to be back in touch, especially if they live far away.

Finally there is the most awaited activity of Christmas, to find out what Santa brought on Christmas Eve. Although as adults we buy and get pleasure in gifting those gifts, it is the young kids who get the most pleasure from receiving Christmas presents. To find the before carefully hidden Christmas presents under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning is one of the most fantastic ways to create unforgettable memories for children at Christmas.

Merry Christmas All


Things that could spark Life for me

Spending an entire day eating junk food without feeling guilty

Telling someone the story of my life, sparing no details

Giving my mother a dozen red roses and telling her how much I love her

Putting my name down to be a passenger on the first tourist shuttle to the moon

Drinking beer at Oktoberfest in Munich

Sleeping under the stars

Going wild in Rio during the Carnival

Experiencing all cuisines and travelling the world

Indulging in the most fabulous world spas

Putting my money and name on something: a college scholarship, a bench in the park, sun shelters or water fountains at bus stops

Growing and tending a garden

Living in a beach facing home across aqua waters

The high of weed

Look into a dogs eyes and being filled with a tender feeling

Stimulating, respectful, deep conversations with family or close friends

Having ‘spiritual experiences’ (sense of transcendence, gratefulness, connectedness, being loved by the Source, stillness, etc)

Being totally goofy and/or laughing long and hard with friends

Experiencing other’s artistic creativity, particularly when its really innovative

Being creative myself (writing a song, story or paper; creating a campaign for the development sector or a beneficial social site etc)

Gathering with a group of friends for a tasty meal and some wine

Traveling to new places

A room full of flowers of all hues and colours

What sparks life in you?:)