When ill- you gotta be home

The phrase “no place like home” comes alive when one is ill, sick, blue, down and out. The tender loving care showered on you when sick, the gentle care with which things move around you, the love that envelops you at such times - makes you want to take re birth in the same family again and again and again

Before you can open your mouth and complaint - things are taken care of, a heck of a lot of home remedies have you bouncing back on your feet within no time, you are allowed to sulk and whine and they simply look at you fondly as if a baby who knows no better, they ruffle your hair and say ‘its all right this too shall pass’ making you feel the sting of tears at the back of your eyes for you being so blessed when they are so kind and considerate

Home is rightly the place for one to be tended from sick to well being again. Home is where love is unconditional. Home is about kindness and nurturing. Home is where you get tender loving care when ill. I am glad to be home. Thank you God for such a wonderful family.