Gotta be a sadist!

Remeber the first day of work out

Great music, super adrenalin, a rush like never before

A lovely high, visions of perfection flit thru my head!

I consciously stay away from that tempting bar of Galaxy

And the mango milkshake

It’s going to be home food and no junk

Did eat a lil Mishti tho

Some hours later the marvelous pain creeps in

My arms complain, I sit still as a statue

I have to answer the door, and my legs feel strange

They are not mine for sure

A lighting second to answer the door, took me an eon today

With much motivation pouring in from all sides I decided to not wallow in the creaking noises my body made

Went about life as normally as I could

Very slowly, cautiously, nervously, in case my body breaks into a zillion pieces

Sleep, soon sleep, should take away the pain

Next day …….

24 hours hence, I am standing - barely

I was warned the pain gets bad the next day

If this be true, then am I sadist?

I don’t want to wake up

I was miserable yday, don’t want to be today!!

And from somewhere deep within, a voice prompts me

I am back to the workout, moving ever so slowly but surely

Gotta be a sadist right?


Fly with me

I travel a LOT! And travelling makes me anxious. That is, till I get to the airport - I am bunched up inside me. No matter the region, country, rural,urban, devolped or developing! Anticipating crazy traffic, gives me nightmares; I wonder in my head what if the traffic is jammed for miles together, not moving an inch! Gosh, how early should I leave for the airport, so that I reach on time?!

And yet when it comes to reaching the airport well on time, I am a great one for missing flights despite sitting there in the airport lounge! Way too busy with the BB. I don’t even hear my name being announced! Or the airport staff frenetically walking all around me searching for this missing passenger! O how embarrassing!



Given what a huge fan I am of the world called www., I found some cool oxy's ...feel free to add more:-)

1 Found missing
2 Resident alien
3 Airline food
4 Same difference
5 Government organization
6 Alone together
7 Business ethics
8 Sweet sorrow
9 Plastic glasses
10 Terribly pleased
11 Definite Maybe
12 Pretty Ugly
13 Political science
14 Exact estimate
15 Microsoft Works


Sex and the city

Everybody told me what a crappy movie this was. Ofcourse
the reviews trashed it. Friends trashed it. Even foes turned their nose at it. But I could not get the tv serial outta my
head and I had to know how bad the movie was for myself!

Zero expecations. Promise of Vithhal bhel. A valet to park the car.
Familiar college days of St Xaviers and I walk into the theatre frown free :)
The movie begins, empty theatre barring a clutch of college kids and I find myself actually begining to warm up to the movie:)

The jokes were nowhere near as sharp as the tv series but I enjoyed and cackled and even cried when the jerk leaves her jilted at the altar:(

So at the risk of being ridiculed by my friends - I liked the movie guys, it reminded me so so so much of my girlfriends and the time spent together

Go on now - you can take a dig at mee:)