Water proof mobile phones?

Crippled. Helpless. Marooned. Adrift that’s the feeling. Bet you know what I'm talking about? Yup - my phone! It sank into a pool of water. And along with it, half my world.

I was on the phone chatting with a friend and washing plates amidst a sink-ful of water. Moved my shoulder around (where the phone was perched over the ear) to push the hair out of the way since it was getting pulled by my cleaning, this disaster took place – the phone slipped from its perch, I tried catching it mid air, nearly caught it but with my soapy hands it got tossed back up, lunged for it again only to aid it directly into the water! My gymnastics didn’t help

Why was it so important for me to take that call while washing the vessels? The phone may not ring for hours. The day could be going great - lots of writing out of the way. And as I step towards a task and am catching up with my thoughts...tring tring.

The reasons I guess we keep our mobiles near us is practical. What if there is an emergency and you need to reach help???? Good point, right? Oh well....a few days ago, the phone rang mid-shower. I let it ring. But today was not normal. I decided to answer it while washing!

I dived into the murky waters and fished out the phone with micro seconds. But something dreadful must have happened in those nano seconds. The water cleverly managed to seep in and short circuit the delicate machine. The phone started to behave like Rafa on clay court. And then randomness -rang moodily, switched on and off at will, before spluttering and dying on me. This was insane. I shook it angrily, brought out my hair dryer and almost stuck the phone into the micro. It looked perfectly dry to me. But it had packed up ... and with it, so had most of my life.

The hair dryer trick to dry the phone reminded me of that scene in the movie "Funny Games" when Naomi Watts is desperately trying to ring 911 with her wet phone. It is a disturbing film directed by the much acclaimed German guy who this year got a lot of critical acclaim for White Ribbon. Of course my situation is like a thousand times better than the one in the movie.

Everyone said to me stop mourning and bury the phone. The phone company said we are sorry we cannot do anything with high tech gadgets like my phone. It cannot be resurrected. But my numbers!!! How will the world reach me??.

Our world has so changed. With cell phones, i phones, twittermania we operate in this information crazy world where we are always in a rush. May be we should start taking in the simple pleasures of daily living. Like washing without interruption!! Or watching a movie without the cell phone on. Can we last for a day without any mode of communication- cell phones, computers, emails? If our parent's generation survived, why can't we? Or perhaps they should simply make the mobiles water proof! Simple.


Was it a vision or did I see God?

HAve you ever been to a place, a holy place - seeking peace, quitetude and a connection with Him? And then realized that without you knowing why or how, you have been weeping silent tears - real tears; rolling down your cheeks, and you cannot fathom why such deep sadness or why such huge releif? At that moment you feel like he was there right in front of - holding your hand, looking you squarely in the eye with a smile, enveloping you in his warmth.

I have always believed God exists within. And that one doesn't have to go to holy places to seek Him. And yet when I have been to such holy places in my lifetime- I have been on some rare occasions been left speechless with my own reactions. I simply cannot explain it

Is this what they call the 'connection'? Why does this happen? Does anyone have any answers to this? Have you ever felt it? And how did you deal with it?