India or abroad?

Lately I have been in an apocalyptic mood. Watching the scenario in Political, Social India I feel depressed, wondering why such an optimistic story (about a nation called India) has suddenly, gone sour, fraught with negative sentiments? It is times such as current – when the economy is not galloping ahead, when inflation is at an all-time high, when scams seem to crawl out of the woodwork with no reprieve, when hallowed Institutions like the Armed forces and Judiciary seem under a cloud, when the young seem vacant and goalless, when the value system seems nonexistent and beaten severely…I shrivel up inside, too afraid to live in India…  

On the heels of such an apocalyptic mood, the thought of living elsewhere makes the brain hyper active.

My thinking

# We are an emotive people. We like to spend time with family. It is this same family (who at times we want to run away from) that gives us a sense of calm, a feeling of belonging, a deep sense of being wanted and loved  

# We are used to our festivals, customs and holidays. Sure, celebrating Xmas and Eid is fun, but not engaging directly in the rituals of Ganesh Chaturthi, Mahashivratri or Gokul Ashtami  - makes me feel detached, rootless, wasted

#  It can be argued that by living abroad one learns new cultures, foreign languages…Then again I say, look at my country, do I even know all the various distinct languages, cultures, and people of India? Such diversity right here in my backyard, why abandon it  to seek it elsewhere?

# Varieties help create and transform. Absorb the rich diversity of this land we are born in, the ease with which we live the pluralism called India. Which other nation, even remotely, promises such a rich texture of existence?

# The weather. It is next to impossible for someone like me to adapt to a land which is dull, grey, and rainy, with little or no sunshine. I don’t like extreme climates. India affords me bright sunshine, balmy days, cool evenings, 4 seasons of the calendar in the right doses!

# Immigrants are regarded with suspicion, no matter how rich or poor, in foreign countries. It is a social problem and we all know the fall out of such ailments (hostility, racism)  

# Perhaps one shouldn’t over obsess over other’s opinions about India - obsessing over contrarian opinions won’t make our opinion any more credible. But then again India and its fabric of life is like no other, right?. Why compare and be distraught?

# Look at our own behaviour in the most clinical way. One nation thinks sleeping with your child is a crime. Westerners think eating with your fingers is uncool. Another nation distrusts us in every aspect of our entrepreneurial qualities. Lets face it, we are an idiosyncratic nation. Will we be able to do all of what we do inside India, elsewhere, in the outside world?

# And last but not the least - If you are remotely even fond of India, I don’t think you need to think about living elsewhere. Stay put, enjoy your life, improve things in your immediate life, give the world more reasons to look at us.

For now this reasoning will see me through and keep me happy, In India



I like animals…I really do. Okay, I like MOST animals. Let me break this down.

I like dogs.

After seeing Happy Feet, I kinda like penguins too ( so long as they can tap dance)

The one’s I don’t like are the one’s that are the killer variety. You know, like the sharks for instance – since I was small Jaws has mortified me, I really wish sharks…cough…water welling up in the eyes…didn’t exist. (Yeah, I said it - all you “Shark” fanatics, you are all crra-ay-zee). I think sharks are as terrifying (ok maybe a wee bit less) compared to the stories of the paranormal kinds! Worst fears of my life.

I run miles away (mentally) from anything ‘paranormal’ in definition, even a hint of it, I can evaporate! Unfortunately Hollywood has used so many animals and birds and cats and bats and stuff in its ‘scary’ movies, that now I am not only severely allergic to ghosts, spirits, in a throat closes, eyes swell shut, heart stops beating , turn into a zombie kind of way, but am also scared of bats, cats, roaches, and what have you! Its safe to assume this is a no go zone for me. Never can be.

Other than that, as long as a pet isn’t rubbing its butt on me, and your bird isn’t pooping on me or trying to peck my eyeballs out, I can deal with most animals…