Technology,faking it or making it?

There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that Technology has evolved and changed the way we think, share, communicate, work and live! We have yet not fully absorbed the significance of it. We are all connected like never before. We are always an internet connection away, no matter where in the world we are.

Look at life, from an 8 year olds perspective - she is born into a world where everyone invariably owns a cell phone. Everyone knows about the internet. There are 2 TV’s at home. Cable TV gives over 200 channels and pay per view movies are abundantly available. Email, chatting and video conferencing are just normal things everyone does. Sms is a way of life. Digital cameras make looking good easy. Money spewing machines are part of daily fixture.

From an adult’s perspective, downloading banking information, knowing credit balance is a click away, paying bills is so easy today. We buy online, mail online send pictures online. With broadband, people work from homes. Because of cell phones, business happens 24 hours round the clock .Laptop computers help make jobs mobile when necessary. Online chatting has given many a life to live. These people would have never met any of these friends if it was not for the Internet

On the other hand I could argue that Technology is the artificial enhancement of human power. It should make us stronger and smarter; however our lazy world is discovering that it now has the opposite effect.

Technology controls the truth. The growing inability of people to know their financial status, land ownership, radar cameras, red light cameras, breath analyzers – dna testing. The words of scientists and sages are no longer certain. Since books are rapidly being replaced by computer display, technology has made obtaining information easy in principle, but in practice there is no one charged with ensuring the information online is genuine.

Is Technology increasing the Social confusion? There is no financial security, no one can be sure they will not lose their job. Skills and qualifications no longer guarantee employment, which undermines the purpose of schools, colleges and universities. Rise In Crime; poverty, idleness and despair can only increase criminal activity.

I'd believe Technology is a great enabler. Helps mend, helps bring together, helps create, helps with ingenuous ideas. Technology, indeed, has the power to shape the future. But technology is not created by itself. People create it. The more we are empowered the better the world can get, unified and integrated.


Pawan said...

Technology has arguably changed the way we live...and largely it has for the better. The convenience that technology offers has hepled our lives get more organized. There is of course the flip side too. If one is stuck in the middle of a traffic jam, a loved one can easily reach you, but so can your boss!

melinda said...

technology definitely has imprinted itself on us no doubt on tat. infact sometimes it gets a bit messy when in a hurry you push an sms to the last number instead of your boyfriend and it reaches some colleague instead! barring such human errors life without internet is unimaginable

Jim said...

I maintain that I cannot live without the world of tech. In fact sometimes on holidays you wish the mobile wouldn't ring, but when it doesn't ring for too long I get worried. I wonder whats wrong?! Yea! Well!

Mike said...

Technology is life mee dear:) Cant imagine how life would be without it. Talking of which I got myself and the business totally wired to videoconferencing so its much easier to see and talk now

sheila said...

I remain Tech illiterate and have no compulsions in admitting this:)Cmon guys why do we have to bury ourselves in tech so much? Where is the human interaction?

ashish said...

I am not a geek but like to use efficient technologies. So if it helps make life more simpler and productive why not?

RavneetSingh said...

Most definitely a yes on this one! From my waking hours till I sleep I am using ( are'nt we all?) some sort of gadget or technology, and today you dont see it as alien nomore.

runa said...

Technology creates social confusion? Hmmm. I know technology creates a lot of loneliness. People don't interact with people no more. We interact with machines and gadgets. I'd hate to miss out on human connection.

Sailaja said...

I feel that children born in the new millenium are so different, i often think if they are a different breed altogether. One day i walked into my desi neigbours home,i saw their 4 year bespectacled son sitting in front of the Laptop and seriously hitting the keys. I almost mistook him for his dad .....i asked what he was doing, he said he was playing online games with his cousin. Apparently most of major toy companies have thier play sites catering to this "New Breed". Technology works in more ways than one can imagine. Try talking to a 8 yr old without the "coochie coo" and you will find how his life revolves around Telly,online games, ipod and SMSing. Whatever happened to the old fashioned activity "Playing".

Mee said...

Sailaja - will you pls send me your email id? or write to me on mine? Need to connect with you offline! Urgent!Keeping fingers crossed you wil come here online and see this msg.

Neelu said...

Thanks to technology, I don't think parents have any idea what their childrens' handwriting looks like.

VG said...

Technology is interpreted by humans and interpreted by who is affected by it. Good or bad depends on how someone is affected by it.

It is far more important and difficult to learn how to use technology with restraint. What we tend to do often is if the rope is long enough, we hang ourselves.

Very interesting and impressive blog Mee- I will follow with interest and meditations.

sabith khan said...

What can i say ?? My current relationship would not have been possible without tech...sms, emails, phone calls, internet - all contributing to keeping this long-distance love afloat :)

Besides, living away from friends, family isnt too tough these days with technology connecting us all in myriad ways...

vinni said...

Mee! So well Written! But i Knw nathin about the technology!:) Do u still believe that there are some people how are not well aware of the technologies! 60% of the Indian population are not well aware of the latest technologies! You believe that! but that's the fact! I am one of 'em! which is kinda joke! But over all..u are very true! awesome blog! keep goin mee!

Mee said...

Pawan- hehehe true:)

Mel -how awkward!

Jimmy, Mike- I know:)

Sheila thats not true:)

Ash- yep I know:)


RUna - for sure! Tho wasn't underlining that Tech give up for human interaction

Sailaja- the new breed in the west whr u r r definitely ahead:)

Neelu - omg I never thought like that, so true!

VG! ty:) how lovely to see you here. How are you?:)

Sabith - lucky u:)

Vin - more than Tech, India is largely rural and lacks education n information. So point taken. This was referring to my world really.