Finally learning to love to read

I lost the habit of reading since the internet became so powerful and imposing in my life. And didn’t realize what I was missing out. My brother noticed me slacking off on books so he gifted me a book a month ago. One of those days when the Tv was on the blink due to heavy rains, I picked up this book and didn’t put it down till I read it from cover to cover. Why did I give up reading I wonder now, in hindsight? This was a habit that was pleasurable and imparted immense satisfaction.

I believe reading should be sweet, pleasurable, and thought provoking in a flying ninja-like way. And in turn must inspire life-long reading habits.

In the hurry-up world we live in, there always seem to be too much to do. People to meet. Travel. Work. Business. Emails to write. Socialize. And yet when you stop to think about it, we also like to think that knowledge is cumulative and selective, forever building on the best of what came before. The resulting paradox pops to the surface as fast as a cork. How can we achieve selectivity and accumulation unless we also read, and read a lot? The time has come to bring back the good old habit of daily reading. The time has come to rebel against the tyranny of overload to make space daily to read each others works and discuss them. What a radical thought! When I started blogging I had no idea how that would also compel me to read more before I put my finger to the type pad. Am glad this habit has resurfaced for me.

The Times, says the government will introduce its Green Paper outlining plans to officially adopt an anti-piracy stance to the one used in France - get caught downloading copyrighted material ( read paperbacks) three times and your internet connection will be terminated. Which means Governments are trying to impose reading back into peoples lives from books rather than the internet. Am not sure we need such strictures because of not reading anymore. It’s a free choice we exercise and must be an individual’s prerogative to figure.


Shvetal said...

I agree that reading is a great habit and we need to keep at it despite the lack of time or the other more attractive distractions. Unfortunately, a picture is more engaging and hence the idiot box does take over much of our time, but reading fuels imagination. Seldom are movies as good as the book, because the movie is someone else imaginating the story for you visa viz your imagination.

Great to learn you are back at it. Cheers

ashish said...

Reading is incomparable! A must ! For everybody.

melinda said...

Reading lends itself to better sociability. And we humans are called social animals for nothing?:) But yea you are right, we are going slack on reading!

sabith khan said...

Though i am not a voracious reader, i think it helps to read a lot...for one, it opens your mind to very many things going around the world and helps clarify one's thinking. Also, a well-read person is seldom boring. Some of the most interesting people i have met have been avid readers...

Have you heard of Project gutenberg, which is all about uploading classics on the net - to be downloaded for free ??

RavneetSingh said...

With so much happening in the world where does one get the time to offline reading tell me? I am happy reading and watching online. No complaints. And that makes me equally sociable:)

sheila said...

A subject close to my heart. I love reading. Am a voracious reader. I think the world needs to read more and more. Will keep us away from politics and crime and will make us more one with each other and yet allow healthy differences to exist

sanjiv said...

give me a good book and lots of beer. i can happily live.

gita said...

How does it matter if we read off the net or off a book a paperback I mean? Its still reading right?
But yes you are right one struggles to read the newspapers these days :(

vinni said...

Reading! I never did so far in mah life! No time! Not actually! I am lazy! :) But mee you are so true readin is a great habbit which requires some interest, which most of us (myself) lack and also pretty lazy to do so. In this web world how many people would have time to get off the system and grab a book to read? But I wud prefer reading a book rather thn on the net.Anyways well written Mee..Keep GOin!

Pawan said...

Reading literally has the capability of shaping us. It has also the potential to educate, inspire,motivate and entertain. Reading as such is definitely on the decline.

Recognizing this, my wife Aparna has begun teaching the 'Joy of Reading' program which seeks to inculcate the reading habit in children right from senior kindergaten!

apple27_shan said...

Though an average student because course books always put me off to sleep . I accidentally discovered reading when i was a kid and got myself admitted in the hospital with an 'allegedly' sharp headache n fever just so i could skip the weekly test !
From then on i was hooked on reading and have traveled a wonderful, diverse journey with various authors and enjoyed every bit of the magic.
I love the smell of books and often spend time browsing in book stores. The cost of books being so prohibitive these days..i have a circle of freinds and we exchange books, as and when we meet up.
I loved to read in bed but ever since i've started wearing glasses, i've had to give up this pleasure as my glasses tend to push my nose into my ear when i'm laying on my side!
Reading online i confess is not as much fun.
Lotta parents complain that however much they tell their kids to read...the kids aint interested .Well reading cant be forced on has to be introduced a good friend :)
Books are my friends and they make wonderful travel companions :)
I dont read for hours a day but in short bursts of 20 to 30 mnts at a time is fun too.
A person that does not read, for whatever reason, has missed out on something special.
Yeaa mee :) a good suject and well written .let us introduce more n more people to reading and set them on a journey of discovery ! :)
Cheers !

VG said...

festina lente

Yakub Merchant said...

I think reading is a great habbit. Given the pressures on time these days, it gets kind of difficult to squeeze a book in, but one should whenever possible. It's a great exercise for the imagination. Can't say I'm doing enough of it though.

No issues with either TV or the internet both have their place and great sources of knowledge/information (depends on what you watch or surf), adding a book to list makes it more holistic. Having so many sources of 'enlightenment' is the boon (bane for some) of our times

Mee said...

shvetal - totally agree ,yep:)

ash, mel, - :-)

sabith - if U r not a voracious reader, then I gotta be maddona dude! o phuleease I have not known anyone who can out read you:)

rs - ofcourse:)

sheila- how nice:)

sanjiv- sounds like a plan:)

gits - hmmm:(

vin - u work way too hard dude, get your self a book and slow down just a weeeee bit, wil do you a world of good:)

pawan- i had no idea, how lovely:)

apple27shan- i was a great one for reading at bedtime all snuggled in bed, and i would invariably always get ticked off by my folks for doin it, just in case i spoil my eyes:)

vg- tats an oxymoron:) how is it possible eh?:)

yakub - good to see you here:)

Damayanti said...

The best thing that has ever happened to me after coming to London is to enjoy my favourite hobby - reading! I used to love reading while growing up. But somehow I had moved away from it...But now the long subway rides, has instilled the old habit back to me. Especially when people all around you, are reading... be it on the subway, the long train rides, the coffee shop, the bookstore, the tourist places. All you need is a cup of coffee and an interesting book in your hand. And you'll feel at home. And at work too, they love a conversation around books. If it's not football it has to be the latest bestseller :)

Mee said...

both ways you are the winner Dammy:) good to cya here. When u guys back?

ALLEX said...

its so real.... my hobby is reading but still at times i feel i have just resorted to the internet so much that i end up not reading anything