The wait is over

A time to catch up.
Sleep. Movies. Friends. Family. Myself. Everything.

There are weekends when I am a couch potato and nothing can shake me from the stupor of sleep. There are weekends which are busy shopaholic days. Retail therapy cleanses the soul they say and I think its true. Then there are weekends which are about home food and basking in the warmth of family and a few chosen friends. Some weekends of mine are crammed with hyper activities. I feel like a break soon after this kinda weekend is over. I don't like the Monday that follows

The weekends that I love most are those which are spontaneous, easy, and not heavy on planning. These are happy weekends.

I wonder if the weekend was longer and the week was smaller. How would it be? I think then we may not have been so eagerly awaiting the weekend. Mine is about to start soon very soon and boy am I looking forward to this weekend!

Actually I think what is even more fun is working from home. On some crazy days when I’ve had to do that to simply get away from work madness, those days I stay put at home, I most definitely achieve far more and stay far at ease. And if that day happens to be right close to the weekend, the feeling is smooth.

There are no strict rules for the weekend. It’s about discovering a new club or a new restaurant or a cool shop. It’s about play. I can safely sleep till after noon and not worry about who I may have missed because my world wakes up much later in the day. Happy weekend folks!


melinda said...

Hello dudess! Where are you off to tonight?:) Happy weekend. Enjoy!

sanjiv said...

Heyyy partytime!)
Am akready on my way:)

apple27_shan said...

The freedom of being one's own boss and the advantage of having a laptop for an office sure gives me the agility and the ability to have all seven days as weekends :)
it's been a long time since i was a 9 to 5er so the meaning of a weekend is a little jaded.. all my days of the week have free wheels on them cruisin following the next..smooth as ever..i love the freedom,never plan and jus fly by the seat of my pants.. everyday :)
The only reason i welcome weekends is cause my friends can let their hair down ! :)
Cheers have a good one mee :)

Jim said...

Yo! All set to rock the world?:) guess it is the weekend and fun is legitimate anytime:) I have nearly the entire day to close before this part of the world gets to their weekend:) you enjoy, have fun, happy weekend.

sheila said...

Hello Sunshine I love the chirp in your voice:-)
Have a fabulous weekend.

Mike said...

Anothr couple of hours and I am set for the wkend too. Have friends over and we planning to have the skewers out - weather is looking great and forecasts are good too. Cheers, happy weekend Mee!

gita said...

My weekend is largely time for home. And being totally lazy about it. May go for a long drive tmrw.and wil eat out tmrw. Kitchen closed tmrw:-)

runa said...

The phn lines r jammed so this msg Mee- Abad is right now in chaos- I got here this afternoon and was travelling thru harkeshwar circle abt one hour ago. Just heard on tv that a blast occured half hour ago in the same place- so much for the weekend of Abad!too many people in the mkt area and tats whr the blast took place
Am back at the hotel now so all ok with me

You stay alert if you are stepping out. Say hi to evryone

Mee said...

Mel - Wkend was chilled out, the usual friends family, out and stuff:)

Sanjiv :)

Apple27shan - lucky you:)

Jim, Sheila,Gits did ya have a good wkend?

Runa - how are things thr now?

sumit said...

Few weekends are diamonds, others stone. In winters, I love lazing in the bed till noon.
This weekend was a stone. As I always when I am made a "mundu" by the family members nd do nt get time enough to talk with myself.
Hope to get a diamond in the nxt one!

Mee said...

Sumit- unique way of describing it indeed:), hey if family memebers dont beckon you then who will they?:)

mathatheist said...

I love weekends too. Absolutely get what you mean. :)

Mee said...

mathaethist - :)