What’s good for the goose is good for the gander

Cricket Australia (CA) is keeping a close watch on the developments in our country. Why? Because we have survived many bomb blasts over many decades. Why? Because Pakistan infiltrates our border and we are to be blamed for protecting our territory? Why? Because we don’t cower and stop dead in our tracks but still continue with life normally. Why? Because we are a race that has seen much adversity in the face of politics of all types. Why? Because Lalit Modi’s brand of politics is reaping in the big draw and ICC cant stomach it? Why? Because suddenly the Champions League is seen as a huge international threat? I mean, how hollow can the excuses get and for how long are we expected to gulp it all down like a bitter pill?

If you were to ask me my thoughts on ICC, I think it is one of the most inept sports company in the world. ICC should have removed umpires like Darell Hair who have consistently refused to toe the line of ICC administration in Murali's case. I strongly believe ICC is not a very efficient International cricket body that refuses to acknowledge the larger role of Indian public and popularity of Indian cricket in the context of International Cricket . This is particularly sad when knowing the truth ICC exists because of Cricket's popularity in Asia and the continued support of Indian corporate sponsors.

Dalmia wins the state cricket board election for Bengal and it makes headlines. Sharad Pawar makes a statement on one of the boys and the nation debates it.
We all understand the religion called cricket in this country. Call it a blinding reality or call it a national diversion. Cricket is all about having our backs against the wall and coming away winning all. Billion people following a game passionately, is a huge market, and provides a great business opportunity, not to be ignored. Why should ICC which is run by a handful of men Oz and England, benefit, from the popularity of its game in India?

Brett Lee can come over to India to rake in the moolah by being the brand ambassador for Timex and not be worried about the bomb blasts or his own safety? The question to ask is did the blasts affect him? But CA is most diligent about its scan of India, in fact it becomes a matter of grave State concern for them? Do you get the joke? Pre tour inspection they call it? Do they really think the collective senses and sensibility of this country will accept this duality from the Aussies?

I mean come on who are we kidding here? Does the ICC/Oz cricket Board even understand that they will sell their souls to money and power? They surely know the richest cricket body today can make them dance to their tunes and still get back home rolling in cash? Will they ever get an audience as large and as crazy as ours where the love for cricket is unified despite the many divisions within this one diverse land called India? Guess the jokes on them this time. And this debate is not over by a long shot!


mathatheist said...

That was passionate. An inkling of the India ICC is up against. :)

RavneetSingh said...

I so totally completely maddeningly infuriated over the past few days seeing ICC's pathetic behaviour, Glad Pawar and his cronies are going ahead with the Champions League tho nobody is above board

sanjiv said...

The ICC chief forgot last evening that 20-20 is a World cup game too and that India won it, when he referred to nothing significantly won by India since 84 World cup.

lilram said...

The centre of gravity in respect of the game has moved irrevocably to the sub-continent.

ICC as an organization is an anachronism conceived in an era where the game was dominated by the intensity of the battle for the Ashes. Still, there is a charm in having a game that is truly international (at least with representation across 5 continents even if the number of countries is few) at which we have some standing. I only hope the BCCI-zation of the game will not lead to the extinction of the game elsewhere.

These shifts are inevitable. We have faced the reverse in hockey as the home of the game has moved to Europe. This game is virtually on its last legs in India for more reasons than one though.

Leaving aside our feelings against the ICC and our passion for cricket, I do believe that investment in football could lead to our participation in this sport in a more meaningful way at the international level. This will have more positive externalities for sport in this country as it is truly a game that needs no specialized equipment and where playing surfaces, advanced equipment confer no advantage. It also has a huge audience and would provide good alternate competition to cricket.

Sorry if this is like a diversion from the original topic!

suzanna said...

oh my god, the comments here are so intense, i'm scared to comment.

Raj said...

hehe..theres a recent Govinda release "money hai toh honey hai" guess that personifies the entire episode..

Jim said...

I love the passion this evokes in India. Its more than a game there I guess

gita said...

If we can we should call the shots now, we just need to make sure that rules apply to all. Not ok if we make them and then break them too.

filistine said...

Agree about the comments on ICC. But I don't quite agree with your views on Cricket Australia. CA's stance seems quite clear and they are neither pro-India, nor anit-India. The ICC is certainly riddled with all kinds of rubbish. If the franchise concept takes off (if IPL is any indication, then it will, sooner rather than later), the ICC might become redundant. We will resort to bi-laterals tours arranged by individual countries (or franchises), which would be a return to the good old days (if ever they existed).

sheila said...

CA is as racist as Bhaji made us believe. For that matter Tendulkar who has been the epitomy of diplomacy and correctness has also said in many words how low the Australian cricketers will stoop to. ICC is a mere representation of the same beliefs. After all it is made up of people from CA! And mind you I don't live right in the thick of the fervor of India, far far away and I have seen how they ( ICC and CA ) are into scratching each others backs!

runa said...

Morning India! What a lively subject this is:) I wish I knew more on cricket I would have made some noises too. But alas!

melinda said...

This is one heck of a debate, and I feel badly equipped to participate. All I know is I like cricket a lot, of late the 20-20 format has become zingy, and the old players have been arm twisted into giving way to the younger boys. Now if bcci manages all this smoothly why does it trouble icc so much? IS it a case of sour grapes that our cricket is still alive and rocking?

Dinesh said...

Furious, well ought to be. Cricket binds India and NO One stands in our Way, lest one gets battered for Fours (it scrapes the ground) and finally tossed well over by a stupendous Sixer!

You sizzle in your article, what if you were at the helm of affairs what would you do, we will follow suit.

Mike said...

Wow this is a pitched battle I can tell. So why is cricket so big in India Mee? In the Usa we do have passionate following of sports but never where the entire country roots for one sport. All have their niches. I do not understand the game but my fellow Indian colleagues get most excited when thr is a match involving cricket. Great spirit I admit.

sabith khan said...

Hi mee

Probably i am the most ill-informed of Indians when it comes to cricket...but knowing how the game is shaping up; i think its the "commercialisation" of the game which is really causing all this confusion.

vinni said...

Yo MEE! Very Well Written! When it comes to Cricket!OZ or any other country z worried abt safety! But brand ambassador'z stuff!Lolz After all itz money!so y wud they care about the safety! where there is money there z safety. Huhe!BCCI rulez! OZ, and other cricket boards freakz! ICC needz money!which they don't have! BCCI z thr to lend! Mee that was awesome and well said! Keep going!

Mee said...

mathatheist, Su, Runa :)

RS- yep!

Sanjiv - I felt like laying my hands on the silly fools throat last nite! wat a complete jerk, he was behaving like this is a personal score to settle!

Lilram- U r absolutely right! Subcontinent has come into its own. And totally agree with you on more investments reqd in soccer from us in India.

raj- u actually paid money to go and see a movie with that kinda title? ha!:)

jimmy its more than a game in england too, the difference is UK's criket has been par average thus far and so have not seen the storm of yesteryear's power yet:)

Gits- yep:)

filistine - sheila has an answer for you, but am ok, if you dont agree:)

Mel- I think so:)

Dinesh - such coveted thrones are best left to either incompetent fools or politicians. I am hugely under qualified for it:)

MIke - I think cricket is big cos it unifies and binds despite all differences here. A great leveler this sport.

Sabith - I guess:)

Vinni- last but not the least- thanks for asking me to write on cricket:)> I agree:)

apple27_shan said...

WOW written wid a lotta fire !
Really well written mee :)
Though i love the game, i gotta confess...i jus dont follow the politics or behind the scene..scenes :)...Gimme a big screen telly ,a comfy couch n yup i'm ready ta contribute vocally n enthusiastically wave the ball bye bye as it sails over the ropes n into da crowd !:)

keshi said...

my interest in cricket as a sport has dwindled much since the match fixing and betting took away the glory. I cant bring myself to be has avaid a watcher as before.

Mee said...

apple27shan, Keshi- yea I do understand:(