Duality. Diversity.Finally Singularity

A friend spoke to me very passionately about, how, by 2012, the vibrations of the earth will increase and how, there will be more unification and higher order thinking that will prevail across the globe. While I sat listening, fascinated by this subject, part of my rationale brain was curious to have more answers, more solutions.

How does one restore unity to a fragmented world?

Maybe by delving deeper into plurality? It’s a paradox I know:) , but isn’t it true the more something is broken down to its particulars, the more we uncover opportunities for enhancement

My physics lab lessons come to mind. Take for example, two physical substances. Our senses interpret them as different and unconnected; but place them under a microscope and we discover that they are comprised of similar components - they might even share an element or two. The deeper we delve, to the molecular, atomic, and sub-atomic levels, the more unanimity we will find - and more ways to discover how to harness these diverse substances toward a singular end.

So does this mean that global oneness can save the Earth? Which is (according to
Al Gore) hurtling towards disaster? How will the change in consciousness happen if we continue to be the way we are? Can Spirituality, Karma, Buddhism bring it to a common code of knowledge and development?

It feels utopian. Can this be as simple as my pals make it out to be? If all people tuned their minds to a single universal brain, wouldn’t they find unity?
The "mind" people follow will determine the destiny.


sanjiv said...

God knows there is an urgent need for all us people to get sensitive to common goals. Whether Bush or Obama we need to definitely change our attitudes to peace and oneness.

ashish said...

I saw this movie planet exhausted. Since many weeks now its been niggling me badly. The movie speaks of the atrocities we have done with the earth and how we maybe leaving a hollow planet for generations after us. I guess we first need to start by becoming sensitive to the need. And surely the roller coaster ride has begun?

sabith khan said...

Hi Mee

Funny theory must say. I hope we reach this "higher consciousness" by 2010.

But considering that the teachings of great masters have not changed us in thousands of years, i think it is highly unlikely that in 4 years we would be able to get rid of the 'negative energy' floating around. Too much mis-understanding, conflict, greed around for us to get rid in such a short time...

RavneetSingh said...

I love the titles you give your posts. They grab me!:).

Where have you been? Missed you

On a more solemn note maybe each of us should pledge to do something right here right now.

gita said...

We talk about unity and Bangalore has just had 7 bombs exploding! I mean what the fuck is wrong with this country. So much internal fighting, when will we become more aware and sensitive to the fact it is not Pakistan or Bjp but assholes who get trapped into believing that this is the only way! Am just out of a discussion on climate change and your post has been very timely.

sheila said...

We need to have more awareness from people and through sustainable solutions - build back better and build back "green" - most definitely we need to have faaar more awareness than what exists today

Shvetal said...

Hey mee,

Wonder where you get such noble thougts from. Would love to see the world much more harmonious than it is today. But would that not kill the competitive spirit that drives us to get better?

Think about it....


melinda said...

Yep. Definitely we all need a wake up call. But what I cannot deal with is, when will that be? I am doing my bit for sure. Just wish if many more did we;d be living better.

Hey I done with Agra and parts of Delhi today, meeting the guys tonight for dinner. Will call you once I get to the airport.

ALLEX said...

good post indeed. its really pity on us that we all have forgotten the small things that can make our life good

Jim said...

I can tell you one thing Mee your post touches a raw nerve here. Largely people are worried and doing their bit to get their act together. Good post!

Mee said...

Sanjiv - we definitely have to

Ashish - yes to some extent awareness is shooting up but does it translate to action?

Sabith - my friend - am an eteranl optimist. And the way I see this is when eventuality strikes lots will metamorphicize

RS- u mean like pledge an oath? Good idea. Let's put it to action and get the support

Gits *m sorry for those bombings:( and today I hear it has happened in ahmedabad, frustration needs to give way to productive energy, either thru help donations or some support

Sheila _ yes:)

Shvetal - how did u feel about modi land today? Are you safe there?do you still feel he is all pure and invincible after today? Its the same reason why diversity eventually must give way to a common goal. By no way does it imply lack of competitive spirit

Mel - glad u r back home safe and sound

Allex :(

Jim ty

Shvetal said...

Let me assure you that the serial bombings in Ahmedabad have nothing to do with Modi, or for that matter any govt. in power anywhere. Terrorism is a business and let us understand that just as in normal business we profit by selling our produce/ service, terrorists profit by spreading terror. I must request all my intelligent friends like to you please visit Ahmedabad/ Gujarat and see for yourselves what good governance can do. If you do not believe me, please read the June issue of BI and check the city report.

Till a year ago, perhaps I was not that aware of how good life in Ahmedabad can be. But now after spending a year in Pune I wonder how can cities in India be such mismanaged. How can the administration rape the entire system and innocent citizens just bear the brunt of lack of any kind of mismanagement. Just because there were no rains for a few weeks, Pune has 6 hours of power cut? The ATNC losses are as high as 43%!!! Compare to this, if Ahmedabad loses power for a few minutes (and this would be only due to some technical failure somewhere) it hits the headlines of all newspapers! The ATNC losses are as low as 9% - the lowest in India. The rate of development is highest. And all sections of society are enjoying the benefits of this development which is courtesy a corruption free, well governed administration. The advantage is that Gujarat can abolish octroi and other such taxes because the development enhances its income from lesser sources than required. Talking of Modi, don't believe the rehtoric. Just study how his vote share in the minority communities has increased over a period of time. And the maximum increase is in the Muslim votes share. Because they have benefited a lot from good governance. They too have got opportunities to move on in life and grow, prosper. Get into better jobs and do business, which till a decade ago was not possible.

Mee said...

Shvetal I wasn't being critical: (