New releases: Simple or Smart- Take your pick

Billu brings a tear to the eye at the same time a smile to your lips and you realize it’s a nice warm film – helps you appreciate the people you have in your life.

Irrfan steals the show with his portrayal of Billu, the barber. This actor is truly blessed with talent and craft. He always pitches his performance just right. There is not a single discordant note in his performance, which is like sheer poetry. In this film, he underplays Billu and his angst, and delivers his dialogues with just the right kind of punch. In the recent years, Irrfan has emerged as a force to reckon with, his performances have appealed to all strata of moviegoers and his work in Billu will only cement his status as a remarkable actor He is quite the life of the film.

Shah Rukh Khan really does not have to do much to portray a superstar. He gives the character of Sahir a certain kind of warmth, which is quite endearing. SRK needs to be admired for two reasons. The show belongs to Irrfan, although SRK could've forced himself in every scene. Also, he has chosen to opt for a film that's not one of those run-of-the-mill types. In terms of performance, SRK shows his true potential towards the finale

The narration is very entertaining, the 3 songs of SRK are visually brilliant and placed perfectly. The music is good. Love Mera Hit Hit and Mar Jaani are the pick of the lot. Billu Bhayankar is funny and stays with you long after the credits roll.

Contrast this with Dev D. Cracker of a film. My vote for its nomination into an Oscar for certain.

It’s experimental, real, layered, new, innovative, complex, and everything to do with human emotions of the good and not so good kind! O my God the music is a double whammy! The soundtrack of this movie is an out an out winner. Emotional atyachar at best defines the movie exploding with myriad emotions. And the camera man has not been afraid to venture into new territories to symbolize and define and interpret the Director, Anurag Kashyaps, gripping story telling.

I feel if I put too many words to such a powerful cinema I will degrade it to another commercial movie. I am affected by this movie. I loved its songs. I loved the 3 men/witches and how integral they were to the plot. Abhay Deol is a star! Can’t imagine anybody else doing this role with Abhays panache.

Wow where was Abhay Deol before this movie?!


Ishaan said...
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Ishaan said...

After a loooooooong time ….. Finally, a must watch movie, both Abhey and Mahi have shown a class in acting. Mahi makes an interesting debut. Two strongest department comes out of these movies are cinematography and music, that in spite of 18 tracks, it never distracts narrative, but only adds to the effectiveness. DEVDAS is one of the most unidimensional character you’ll ever come across in hindi cinema in the ranks of all babujis, maas , Rahul’s .
Kashyap will surely get some of his fans back he lost with ‘’NO SMOKING’’
Caution- SRK fans , please don’t watch this movie as this has a class which lacks in his movies

Neelu said...

gosh i gotta see both...!

melinda said...

Loved Dev D! Pretty cool Indian cinema after god knows how long!

sheila said...

We shld do Delhi 6 together:) promises to be fun too

RavneetSingh said...

hey not fair, sitting in cold united states of america, i dont get to see any of these movies maan! not fair at all...pls hold on to the dvd's will see on return- dev d is so cool ya?