The colour of Love

The innocence of Mother
The adoration and pride of Father
The need of a sister
The unspoken language of a brother
The seduction of a lover
The stable strength and depth of a husband
The power of a friend and friendship
The innocence of a new born baby
The askance of a pet
The serenity of a home
The togetherness and apanapan of a family

I instinctively wanted to root the colour of Love into white, but soon realized Love has soo many facets, so much depth - could I really slot it into one colour?

For me maybe the colour of Love has to be the colours of a rainbow

It's blue because it can bring peace and tranquility
It's green because it can cause envy
It's yellow because it radiates
It's white because it can be innocent
It's red because it can be passionate or dangerous
It's black because love when goes wrong could cause negativity
It's pastel shades because it can be young and soft
It's bold colors because it can stand apart from all else
It's plaid because it can be confusing

Love is a splendid array of colors and patterns, interweaving causing both happiness and sorrow, joy and pain, forgiveness and hatred

Love is. . . . a vast universe where a sense of oneness develops, unable to be quantified or defined by words or expressed in colors, the colour of Love can be felt inside the soul


Shruti said...

Very true. Love does have that capacity to string in so much.
However, more importantly need you to know that much of what you write completely impresses me. As someone who has known you fairly closely, am delighted with the depth and the width of the issues/topics you choose_and as expected you are extremely articulate and express your thoughts so lucidly. So keep blogging and continue to make us think about matters we all should do more than just contemplate about!

Aijaz said...

Lovely words raining down from your ever lovelier mind and raining up from your caring heart.

Little Miss said...

Hi Mee,
Such beautiful words you’ve written. The colour of love truly lives inside of you :)

melinda said...

Love is having a friend like you forever. Love you lots. Stay the way you are:) happy valentines day:)

Mike said...

Hey Mee, lovely post- how did you guys celebrate the V day. Hp u having a good wkend

ashish said...

Mee - love and its colour, what an interesting subject. Depth and wisdom together can guide us to our goals with love being the universal energy

Vivek said...
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Vivek said...

I like the explosion ... the freedom only love can offer :)

sheila said...

beauty and d depth are in the eye of the beholder like they say, sometimes I wonder is Love mkted brilliantly and hence we so in love with love:)

RavneetSingh said...

May you always be in love Mee:)