This is something my blogging friends are much into!

I am now the chosen one and I in turn have to tag another two bloggers when I am done (I like this part:))

Since I am not too sure about tagging and I know many who do - I will simply drop you'll a comment, please take it forward from there?

Here are some house rules:
* Each person tagged has to write 12 random facts/habits about themselves.
* Those that are tagged will have to write a post on their own blog (about their twelve things)
* At the end of your blog, you need to choose two other people to get tagged and list their names.
* Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

Here are my 12 things!

* I love the first rains... no matter what I am doing, I get outdoors and feel the first raindrops
* I love the smell of earth when it rains for the first time in the year- bliss
* I love the smell of petrol
* I like to sleep late and stay up late and all those who know me will not call me early morning
* I like cleanliness, am not hyper about it but don’t like mess
* I love to tend to my plants. I cannot deal with any plant of mine dying, hate it if a leaf goes yellow, adore it when they bloom with flowers
* I love movies with mush and craziness and much laughter
* I love my name. I am the beautiful eye of a fish. No wonder I love the sea.
* I love showers…sometimes I take several a day! Warm muggy Bombay encourages that, for me
* I love home food, especially mom’s and sis’s cooking
* I love dogs and wish I had at least 4 of them, but feel criminal about keeping them holed up in a flat! So dogs in the large haveli of my grandparents works for me
* Music! I’d die without music; it is the most essential ingredient for my breathing!

And now I get to tag others, which I will do soon


runa said...

Love the smell of first rain and petrol too:-) Thanks for doing this!:-)

sanjiv said...

Hey! I love butterflies, and the moon on a dark nite, fast roads, a 4x4 wheels and some high notes!

ALLEX said...

i love music..... most relaxing thing on earth
i love most precious and all time favourite
i love books... my best companion
i love good food.....afterall we earn for that
i love rains.....sweet sense evoking
i love green pastures......brings comfort to mind
i love hills.... acme of success
i love watching and predicting about people..... good way to engage myself anytime
i love going on long rides.........a stretch away form the mundane life
i love certain personalities in life....... no reason why:)

Mike said...

Sweet sensation of life, a childs small hands clutching onto, beautiful sunrises, the hills, long nature treks, rains, swimming in the sea, yea you are absolutely right, one could go on!:-)

Ashish said...

Its so easy to forget these joyous things of life whilst chasing our pot of cloud- good reminder:-) Thanks!

melinda said...

morning! after being to jaisalmer and seeing the beautiful desert, i think india is the most fabulous country with riches to explore, am sure goa wil be equally wonderful:)

Jim said...

i love sunny weather which we are having very little of right now:-(, is it raining thr?

RavneetSingh said...

This is wonderful! Will someone tag me:)? I

gita said...

Hi! There are so many things we desire in life / but its the simpler things in life that that make up our dna:)

sabith khan said...

HI Mee,

Interesting to know these details..since i have been tagged, chk out my blog for the idiosyncrasies that make me what i am ;)

sheila said...

Hello Mee. How lovely to know the girl who writes so well:-) I enjoyed the small facts that make you, keep it simple and keep having fun dearie,

mathatheist said...

Mee, I've posted my 12 list.

Here it is:

Mee said...

Runa- it was fun, thanks for tagging me:)

Sanjiv, Allex, Mike, Ashish, Mel, Sheila :)

Gits- like a blogger friend put it - its the journey that makes it all worthwhile:)

Sabith- for sure!

Jimmy its warm and muggy in Bombay am told, rains continue to allude the city, and some are worried abt the lack of it

RS- go ahead and do it!

Mathaethist - denker:)

apple27_shan said...

I love the sound of music
I love the warm welcome my dog gives me
I love the smile of a friend on the phone
I love fishing on a placid lake
I love to ride a bike in the rain
I love the full moon
I love reading a book that makes me laugh
I love the sight of chinkaras in full flight in the open desert
I love good food..though i dont live to eat !
I love the company of kids and old people
I love pleasant surprises
ohh...yeaa last but not the least...I love a tall glass full of rocks wid a generous splash of my trusty old monk ! :)
cheers folks !

Mee said...

Apple27shan-U must be joking, old monk?:) and cinkaras? Wat r they? Whr do u see them?