Small joys

Lying carefree on the beach
Listening to the chatter of the small waves as they tumble against each other
Not getting sun burnt
Goa, Jaisalmer, Kerala
Sleeping under the stars and the Moon
Vast green -yellow sarson fields in Punjab in November
Getting the hotel room to the perfect sleeping temperature
The pleasure of remembering great and beautiful things that I cannot lose and the pleasure of sharing them with others
Looking at the universe through wondoerous eyes
The sunrise view from an airplane with the clouds almost touching the fingertips
Following with my mind the steps another took on his voyage of discovery
Objects of contemplation, beauty, and sentiment
Listen to beautiful music and singing at the top of my lungs
Hot crepes on a cold wintry day
The pop of the growing popcorn bag in the microwave
And I could carry on...


Mike said...

Giving joy to another


Bent and Robby william

Xmas gifts

Turkey roast

pure mountain air

Jim said...

Its so true that the little things of life can give much happiness. I see my daighter who is all of 14 months and I feel so complete. Her small hands reaching out to me,she sleeping like an angel, her little pictures over the happiest man surely

melinda said...

The art of enjoying the lil things of life:) absolutely!:)
I had stopped walking after tat horrific incidence at central park, but today I did - I got my pod and me go for a vigourous walk and I can't even begin to describe how the earth smelled and the cheery gmornings from fellow walkers, the dogs n their masters, the cyclists who would swoosh past the light rainfall added to the cold air but all of it came together for me, I was missing my central park mornings and the weekend has started well for me:)

sheila said...

The things we do most naturally are the ones that give the most happiness. Not smthg studied and planned over and over again.
This journey of life we are discovering everyday, we must know thatenjoying them along the way is equally important

ALLEX said...

small things give so much happiness.......nothing worth it.... reminds of of my college days....small gifts and gatherings used to give so much joy which many times a 5 star lunch does not give........ That is the beauty of life....a collection of moments woth living for

Ajeya said...

moments to treasure! :) so good to read this on a monday morning :)

gita said...


sanjiv said...

omg- this is so uncanny!:-) I was thinking just this this morning, when I walked out of home with a swing in my step:-) Mines been a good day, hope u r having one too:-)

runa said...

hey gorgeous! you are tagged, read my blog to know more.
will drop you a mail explaining all details
look forward:-)

Mee said...

Mike- I could add many many more such lovely small things that bring us happiness
Jimmy- tw
Melinda- good for you:-)
Sheila - so true, enjoying the journey, partaking in it is what makes living so fruitful
Allex- true true we need to savour those moments:-)
Ajeya, Gits- :)
Sanjiv - yep is:-)
Runa! Now that is a googly! Why am I chosen , go pick on someone else:-)

runa said...

U are the chosen one darling:-) And pls pls pls WRITE
Seeya tonite:-)

Ashish said...

so lovely:-) a good reminder!