Gotta be a sadist!

Remeber the first day of work out

Great music, super adrenalin, a rush like never before

A lovely high, visions of perfection flit thru my head!

I consciously stay away from that tempting bar of Galaxy

And the mango milkshake

It’s going to be home food and no junk

Did eat a lil Mishti tho

Some hours later the marvelous pain creeps in

My arms complain, I sit still as a statue

I have to answer the door, and my legs feel strange

They are not mine for sure

A lighting second to answer the door, took me an eon today

With much motivation pouring in from all sides I decided to not wallow in the creaking noises my body made

Went about life as normally as I could

Very slowly, cautiously, nervously, in case my body breaks into a zillion pieces

Sleep, soon sleep, should take away the pain

Next day …….

24 hours hence, I am standing - barely

I was warned the pain gets bad the next day

If this be true, then am I sadist?

I don’t want to wake up

I was miserable yday, don’t want to be today!!

And from somewhere deep within, a voice prompts me

I am back to the workout, moving ever so slowly but surely

Gotta be a sadist right?


Neela said...

Attagirl! Soon you'll reach for that mishti guiltlessly!

Was telling my mom how the days of pure enjoyment of all foods sinful, are over. Anytime, I eat cake or an ice-cream, I get pangs. What a sorry state of affairs!

Ajeya said...

What drama! :) Chill. You'll get used to it. Give it a chance. :)

Ahmed said...

I think the sadist here is your trainer. should have taken it easy. but i guess that is the price to pay for looking fit and slim again. go for it!

Mike said...

Starting itself is a huge roadblock. So you are on your way to perfection. Well done!

Mee said...

Neela, Mike - TY:)

Ajeya - u have forgotten what it feels like when one starts after a gap?:)

Ahmed- the trainer is a sadist for sure:)

ALLEX said...

hey.... think how good you will look and feel and all the pain will go away......its a little price you pay for your own satisfaction

Mee said...

Allex! r U implying mee dont look good now?!? (Wink):)

Ajay said...

Trainers can be merciless surely! Yours a toughy eh? How regularly you working out now?

Nirmala said...

No pain,no gain...though it sounds cliche,that`s the mantra...

Mee said...

AJ- all week!

Nirmala - yes boss!:-) for those who dont know Nirmala she is my trainer and a toughy at that!

sanjiv said...

o o! Tuff trainer hmm. well. Good to see you back at your workouts Mee. I know how addicted you were to your excersice regimen- enjoy maadi!