Given what a huge fan I am of the world called www., I found some cool oxy's ...feel free to add more:-)

1 Found missing
2 Resident alien
3 Airline food
4 Same difference
5 Government organization
6 Alone together
7 Business ethics
8 Sweet sorrow
9 Plastic glasses
10 Terribly pleased
11 Definite Maybe
12 Pretty Ugly
13 Political science
14 Exact estimate
15 Microsoft Works


ALLEX said...

good post.... would love to extend it

Mike said...

Huge low
Does that sound plausible?

melinda said...

When I have to think it doesn't come to mind am afraid
However when I am talking it comes naturally
U know wat I mean?!:)

Brian said...

damn cool ;o) here are a few more

- Horribly good
- Smart Ass
- Working lunch
- Living dead (does this qualify too??)

Mee said...

Mike, Brian - it works!:)