Oooh those melting eyes


Budd the pup

From his beautiful mommy GG

Who herself was a puppy 

Not so long ago.

Filled with curiosity

And not a worry.

The only ask is to explore

Chase the monkeys

Play with mangoes 

Make a reassuring pact

With his master 

For the daily biscuits

That he so adores.

Happy to roll in the grass

And bark furiously 

Because GG is barking. 

For what is play

Without some 

aping, soil and dust.


Rahul said...

Haha nice boy he is :D
And very nicely written indeed :)
Can see a hidden poet lol ;)

gita said...

Ooooh the life of a puppy, carefree and happy:P

Mike said...

Dogs changed your life forever! They teach you to live better than any human being can ever teach.

sheila said...

Is it very warm where he lives? Or does he like rolling in the mud? Like a game?

sanjiv said...

Common boy! Lets see how energetic you are - race you!! LOL- he is a carbon copy of our Pips- same heart wrenching limpid pools of eyes, completely self absorbed and having fun in his own world.

weisel said...

Very well phrased !! 😊👌👍

weisel said...

Very well phrased !! 😊👌👍

RavneetSingh said...

I can never make up my mind- are those eyes sad thats why they melt my heart? Or are these gorgeous creatures making an ullu out of me LOL:)

RavneetSingh said...

BUT definitely eye contact between humans and dogs triggers a surge in the 'love homrone'- oxytocin - its the same hormone that plays a key role in the bonding between a mother and a new born child

Vinay Agrawal said...

you get unconditional love for life in return...:)

melinda said...

Budd is toooooo good looking, those eyes are seriously melty- they tug at your heart!!!:D