First Rains, Bombay

Felt so complete soaking in the rain

Felt no sorrow, no pain

It may give me a cold but I don't care

There's a calming sensation from grass to air

The feeling of love I don't have, I will gain

Because my heart falls open as I stand in the rain

The earth smelled of fresh, wet mud,

The leaves danced in the downpour, blushing green

I raised my face heavenwards

The giant shower and gusty winds

Descended thunderously

To quench a parched city's thirst

To give hope and re birth

To know happiness abound

Today, it rained


Anon said...

Loved it J

Very nicely expressed as always.



melinda said...

I totally empathize with this post. There is something so magical about the first rains:) Makes you want to fall in love and get all romantic all over again:)

Kay said...

I love the rain, the way the earth smells, getting soaked to the bone. Mmm. Lovely.

rajindermakkar said...

The quality of mercy has been likened to this gentle rain, and it sure is a welcome relief!!!

Anon said...

Very sensitive and nice Meenakshi



Anon said...

sundar...bahut sundar


gita said...

Isn't there something about the first rains, that evokes poetry and soft feelings in all of us?:) Kya baat kya baat kya baat;)

RavneetSingh said...

I see all of you going weak kneed by the rains in Bombay. My bad luck, I missed it, been raining hard eh?:)

Shweta said...

Love the rains< wish I was in India to enjoy the monsoons:(

sanjiv said...

I so totally love the rain Mee. I know you'll get blue soon:) But this post reflects the uplifting of spirits very well:)

sheila said...

Loved the simplicity and honest emotions. Enjoy the rains!:)

We on the other hand are having fleeting rains and more sunshine, so not complaints:)

ashish said...

What a lovely read. First rains do evoke a sense of happiness indeed. Now that the rains are full scale here, I hope you are doing ok?:)

ashish said...

I always felt rain was wonderful, so musical and refreshing.
Every rain drop that touches the ground feeds new life to every living being. And you feel earth laughing with joy.

I can never forget how I loved to walk in the rain, among the trees, on wet grass with my friends around. Rain drops soaking us all.

Tiny water drops against my cheeks, cold wet breeze brushing
against the eyes. Then I would close my eyes and turn up to breath the fresh air.

Almost, feeling so light, like a flower floating in the wind. Felt
like I could fly.

It reminds me of the days I spent in my school. It reminded me the first time I ever fell in love.
It reminds me of the university of life.

I am almost smiling now while writing this note. Unknowingly
How far have I traveled, while sitting in my office room, waiting for the next meeting to start? I have traveled far in to the past across the time, in my imaginations. To that past, when life used to be so
light, free and wonderful.

It's amazing to think how limitless our imagination can be. Thanks Mee for making this brief interlude so memorable:)

ALLEX said...

The beauty of rain...the smell of earth and flowers togather creating a wonderfyul experience to think of.... ur post is like reliving the experience