Green or Blue on 30th March?

Age old India Pakistan rivalry has long given way to India Australia arch rivalry.

Given India has won *that* HUGE battle of nerves against Australia, the only worrisome factor gnawing at many, will be - have the men in blue become too over confident? Or even worse, have they become a wee bit lazy? (assuming they have already won the Cup after Australia!) That will spell danger. Surely.

India vs. Pak semis is and will be special.

Pakistan thus far has been playing under the radar - the worlds expectations have been rather muted if not low of this cricketing nation. A last minute skipper has rallied the team around him, they are enjoying their cricket and they seem to be in a very positive frame of mind.

A pace attack which is deadly

An inspired skipper leading from the front

A self-belief in themselves

Pakistan has indeed done well- got themselves a berth in the semi’s- and am sure, they now believe they can indeed win the cup

India: everyone who speaks and discusses cricket, believes the cup is for India to win. Am rather pleased to note this sentiment is muted with the team! Thank God for it! Speaks for their maturity

India has an array of strengths besides the depth in its batting

Aggressive Ashwin in the guise of a spinner

Zak, wily and skilled

Yuvi- firing well in all departments of the game

Above all the cunning of MS Dhoni: Such an intelligent captain! Knows the teams strengths all too well (surely will be hoping he will soon be among the runs too), also knows how to maximize the limited bowling resources.

In the battle of 30th March there is no reason for India be arrogant or weak kneed, Perhaps the trick will be to hold on to own nerves and keep wits about ( fairly similar situation to Australia I imagine) - the basics if got right, should power India onwards. And yea for sure, discipline in fielding similar to that against Australia, will work wonders for India

A tangential observation: Do sports and politics merge? Sports can be such a fabulous glue to bring the world together. Indeed. Did we need Geelani and MMS to step in to add to the already existing incredible pressure on the 2 sides? So unnecessary!

The heart wanted an India / S Africa Finals, and the head wanted an India vs England Final (which I had predicted over 2 mnths ago) -neither is to be now:).

3 teams from 4 in the semi's, from the sub continent - some very pleased with the way things have stacked up...

Back to India vs Pakistan - in my book, India should be able to vanquish Pakistan, for sure will be a cracker of a match - a special treat for the sports fan across both the nations

Karan of cricket we are NOT (borrowing Harsha's fabulous analogy)- India will WIN the game on 30th. And take it from there for the next!:)


RavneetSingh said...

I'd wager a 50:50 both have equal strengths and crazy weakness's

sheila said...

Its an exciting semis and my heart is already doing crazy somersaults

sanjiv said...

We are the Title aspirants and we won against the defending champions! So Pakistan better worry!

Shweta said...

You know while the adrenalin is high on the 30th match, there is much talk about a possible Taliban attack on the Pak team while they visit India. Praying and hoping all goes well and no such terror takes shape...

Dr. Sohrab Arora said...

The odds of Manmohan Singh doing Bhangra at Mohali are the same as the odds of Pakistan winning against India. No chance!!
Again, it wouldn't be a match for the faint hearted.

Aijaz Ahmed Pitafi said...

Battle of nerves and skills, experience and expectations, patriotism and reputation, proven strengths and consistent unpredictables, trembling legs and quivering hands and above all, it speaks of pounding hearts and unsettled minds.

Let the game win the hearts and beget trans-boundary love!

gita said...

Go India Go!

Mike said...

Karan of cricket India certainly is not. That title best suits S Africa for now. Will be a cracker of a game, may the best team win - the edge is certainly with India

melinda said...

I am hoping there will be less politics and more of a magical game on 30th!

Pharma Pharmer said...

To my mind, there is an unnecessary hype around this match...and our absolutely foolish PM has jumped into it to give this match undue importance which it doesn't deserve.

When will we become hardnosed, no-nonsense about such issues, rather than being romantic buffoons!

All these things feed into making cricket into a 'extra-special sport' while other sports languish


john said...

What a pressure cooker game this will turn out to be - considering the Finals in comparison look so weak!

Raj said...

Everyone will be expecting an encore from wicket keeper Akmal:)!! This time against India:)

Mee said...

@RS: dude that's hedging :)

@Sheila: be prepared for all the cardio workout you need - all in 8 hrs - on 30th march:)

@sanjiv - spoken like a fan of India

@Shweta- lets hope and pray the security agencies of the country are working full time to keep its people and its guests safe

@Dr. Sohrab Arora - heheee very confident Indian fan:)

@Aijaz Ahmed Pitafi - do you sincerely believe cricket will be able to help trans border softening between our 2 nations? The motivated stakeholders are stoking sentiments to such an extent on both sides...battle, war, old wounds, for the nation etc etc...does not feel "sporty" at all:(

@Gita - like the de ghuma ke anthem?:)

@Mike- indeed- may the best team win:)

@Melinda - o yes! so true!

@Pharma Pharmer - this hype *always* has been part and parcel of the history between these 2 nations- no getting away from it...
And cricket is only special to India becos this is perhaps the ONLY sport India wins in, The day other sports start bring the metals, cricket will lose its elitist status!

@John - you hit the nail on the head- its the Finals that weaken, in comparison:)

@Raj - lol- he was particularly disastrous in that match:)

Mee said...

Afridi fans will love this:)

ashish said...

Think about it- SL looking in top notch form. Tomo will be TIGHT! To save my weak heart some anxiety and missed beats- I wish the Ind Pak game was over with and we were into the Finals #lesstension

Mee said...

@Ashish- The finals did have its moments yea:)