Coffee place to hang out: The Kala Ghoda Café

The thing with someone like me who does not like tea and cannot stomach the smell of tea, the only addiction for caffeine is fulfilled by coffee. And yea am very fussy about this beverage. More than ever before as I know my coffee beans rather well.

Sunday morning after ages we decided to break routine and go out for breakfast. A place that serves good hot waffles and crepes and fruit juice and cereal and coffee and the works…voila- we were at Kala Ghoda Café!

Without warning the sun gave way to hard rains just as we parked- so by the time we made the short distance dash inside the café we were nicely soaked! Shrugged off the rain like Pooch with a vigorous shake of the head and body, the warmth of bakes and the wafting aromas of coffee beckoned for a good tummy treat.

Launching into the menu one realizes there isn’t a lot of choice for breakfast- in-fact meager range to chose from - we ordered all of them listed items on the menu! Have to say each dish from the homey eggs in 3 different styles to the warm waffles and the cornflakes t the brilliant coffee and the delectable chocolate were yum!

A small cozy bare minimum place that strangely beckons you to return-and I of course have returned oft enough – it’s a place where one can just be – as Farhad, the owner of the café said. A place where you can play board games with your friends, or simply curl up in a corner with a book, or hide behind your mac air or simply gaze into nothingness.

Anytime one needs a place to introspect, retrospect, prospect or inspect head straight to KGC. This is a place that winds its way to your heart, makes you feel energized, nudges you to relax - my earnest love affair with this cutsey place has begun:)


rajindermakkar said...

Sounds wow - must try :-)

vimmuuu said...

Where on earth is this??

Anon said...

Your description on KGC is burning my desire to venture out to townside at least once in a month. With the grueling traffic jams which drains out all our energies day by day, we don't even give a thought to ourselves that even a drive from the suburb on a weekend could be fun.

Travelling for work some years back to these places was seriously only 'Work'. I would most surely visit this place.

Anon said...

Hey read your Travel blog-GIJUS! You have traveled and how! Green with envy:)

Love KGC- go thr pretty often- infact nxt time we meet perhaps we could here?:)


Anon said...

Hey Mee,

Hope alls good with you!

I've been to this cafe just once .. absolutely loved it & can't wait to go back!

Take care,


melinda said...

Hey guess what we were thr yday!:) had lunch at Trishna and then sauntered across to the cafe. Sweet place. Lots of expats frequent this place too atleast thr were many yday:)

sanjiv said...

Hey which city?? Where??

Jim said...

We are thr every other wkend for some quite tucked away time for ourselves, hidden from the world basking in togetherness:)

Mee said...

@Raj- o yea u absomutely must:)!

@Vimmuuu- in Bombay opp Trishna at Kala Ghoda

@Kkkk- I knw it feels like much distance to traverse! But this one is worth it I assure you:)

@Sapna @mel- :):)

@sanjiv-aamchi mumbai:)

@Jimmy-ideal place:)

Shiran said...

Oye...thanks for introdcuing me to this place..fell in love with it...the waffles are to die for...the kind that haunt your dreams...Will have to have another breakfast here the next time as well

Mee said...

@Shiran- would love to go back there with you:)

Sankar Radhakrishnan said...

Looks very cozy and reminds me of the Teapot Cafe in Fort Kochi

Mee said...

@Sankar Radhakrishnan : next time I am in Kochi you can take me to this lovely Teapot place:)

Kavita said...

Sounds good. Will try some day. Though I am not a coffee person.

Mee said...

@Kavita- they make good teas too, but given I am a coffee person- I wrote about coffee:)