Do you care beyond YOU?

When was the last time you took it slow and easy? Sure, we have things to do, not much help, so many priorities, so little time, run here, do that, get there so on and so forth - but if we drive any faster will we have really busted the traffic and got to our destination by saving lots of time that would make a difference? If we honked incessantly would we have managed to clear the track to zip across and save lots of time to make a difference? If we had rolled down the window, abused all the wrong doings of the auto driver or the BEST bully or even the handcart guy would we have reached our designated place by saving time to make a difference?

Sure sometimes there are emergencies and those occasions may demand pace and hurriedness. But everyday doesn’t, you’ll agree? So if this hurry and speed isn’t about saving time, then why are we all in such a hurry? Everyday simply requires lot of patience, forgiving and a sense of humour-and life is not just bearable but pretty much satisfactory too.

I have now (more often than not) learnt to drive and soak in the multitude things on the track- watch the peanut seller on a traffic jammed highway sell moongfalli to the many cab and autowallahs but never approach my car, I have watched young brats selling paperbacks by mischievously pointing to ‘Ways to slim in 30days’ , have watched the palm trees gently sway against the billboards under the dull street lights and at times at night have tried to unravel if it is part of the billboard design or a real tree in its natural landscape casting its shadow on the resort ad on the billboard; When I consciously slow down to turn into the road that leads me home (despite it being wide like an airport tarmac) -I await the people crossing my path without honking once to allow them passage and in turn they hurriedly make way for me too- what a beautiful silent give and take takes place :) I then softly glide up to my gate where the 2 street dogs are always lazing – I roll down my window, look at them indulgently, have a telepathic conversation with them, allow them to slowly get on their paws - take their time to stretch and amble away from the car before I turn completely inside the drive way.

Well most days I do sincerely watch out for the passerby’s rather than speed past and spray them with rain water slush - there may be some days when some of the activities mentioned here get overlooked because of some nagging worry or frustration; but more often than not I try to remember to be patient, to be tolerant and more than anything else be appreciative of my haves versus those without:)

Like His Holiness the Dalai Lama says - We need to try and solve problems in a spirit of brotherhood and sisterhood, in a spirit of reconciliation and compromise. I try to do my bit. Do you? Who did you watch out for today? Did you smile today?:)


melinda said...

Living in the fast lane makes for fast living. Even when there are no fires:)

Suguna said...

I like that beautiful bit about the silent give and take. I was curious to read this post because I am also one of those who runs runs runs but stays in the same place. I am semi retired, an empty nester, can choose my pace of work most of the time...but for reasons I cannot fathom, am always busy.

Will try and remember what you have suggested... I do think I care for others but I need to care for myself

Anon said...

Do so
You draw strength

Anon said...

Really nice one, Mee...reading it on my way out, and I'm sure it'll make my commute home a more reflective one.

How've you been? All well?



muse said...

you know I lead the kind of life you described ...too much of it at times, actually , have a way with words which makes it beautiful, reflective !poetry in prose!!

gita said...

When I see Bus or truck or even car drivers zipping past in a crazy mad rush I always worry for the,. Will their recklessness cost them dearly?!:(

sheila said...

Actually thats a valid comment made by Geeta. How do we get these drivers (and mind you autos and taxis are no better!) to go slower and steadier? Maybe at manufacturing time - the machine shld be rigged so that they can go only so fast - say 55 km/h?

Whatever the answers are, the overriding challenge cannot be ignored -and how can the poor cops with zero technology handle this:(:

ashish said...

They say a stitch in time saves 9. If we ease up and slow down a wee bit Mee it actually will help us get a breather and live better:) Enjoyed reading this post.

RavneetSingh said...

There is something about driving that changes the whole mentality of a person...I know many people that are chilled considerate people (including myself) but get them behind the wheel and ..:.*POOF*.:.. out comes the evil twin. A whole 'no man shall pass' attitude arises, for some reason it almost becomes a competition. its very strange! Although if I see someone trying to cross the road I slow or stop, sometimes the odd swear word will pass my lips in the process (but that's when people cross in dumb ass places like say..a round-about!! idiots!!))

Jim said...

The impulse that comes to me more often these days is a concept of balance and living life in the moment – doing the things I love right now which requires that I practice loving every thing that I do.

I don't like 'hurry' no more

Ishaan said...

I agree to some extend, but these @&%#$% Drivers don't have a basic commonsense, they drive at 40kmph on the right hand side of the road, they dont give you a free way to over take, some over take from left, I mean who to be blamed ? Traffic police or lack of knowledge of these drivers .. Apart from this when we leave our home for work in the morning there is so much stress on most of the days except Friday that at subconscious level one tends to abuse the other stressed people on the road (at least I do) . Somehow it takes away my bit of frustration :P

Mee said...

@Mel-thats an apt statement , till one realizes the disadvantages of one and benefits of the other:)

@Suguna-ty:)U said it- making time for others comes easily-but we must indeed love ourselves equally:)And omg when we get used to the "I" time there is no compromise you'll see:)


@VD- was ur evening commute home in silicon valley worth the read?:) YEp all well:)

@Muse- blush blush ty:)You are blessed indeed:)

@Gits- true:(, hurry does not make for much in productivity no?

@Shell- so much upgrade needed here in this nation phew- it will happen slowly n steadily it will:)

@Ash- ty

@RS- hehehehee u said it dude:) Am for once not saying just us need to slow down. Pedestrians who are in an equal race against time need t rethink their pace too:)for sure.

@Jim- me too:)

@Ishaan-good to see u here. Thats exactly the point I am making- someone is dumb enuff to drive @40kmph on the rhs- we honk? we overtake from the wrong side? Versus if we give it a few seconds and flash the headlight or allow another few secs and overtake from the right when you get the next opportunity- will help matters:)

Everyone has priorities everyone is stressed- to reduce this for ourselves and in turn u do others a favour- is become a wee bit considerate and sensitive. That works for me:)

vlokam said...

Oh the worst part is when a movie gets over in the theatre !! I dont understand why people just panic even before the end credits start rolling; as if thats how the world is going to end :D

Thanks for dropping by at my space ! Let me blogroll you right now ! :D

Mee said...

@vlokam-good to see you here:) Welcome!
Must confess on a (rare) few occasions I myself have risen from the cinema theater seat faster than a bullet before the credit titles can even roll -only so that I could reach the loo which is in the opposite direction to the exit doors! Else the crowds woulda pushed me out:(