Was it a vision or did I see God?

HAve you ever been to a place, a holy place - seeking peace, quitetude and a connection with Him? And then realized that without you knowing why or how, you have been weeping silent tears - real tears; rolling down your cheeks, and you cannot fathom why such deep sadness or why such huge releif? At that moment you feel like he was there right in front of - holding your hand, looking you squarely in the eye with a smile, enveloping you in his warmth.

I have always believed God exists within. And that one doesn't have to go to holy places to seek Him. And yet when I have been to such holy places in my lifetime- I have been on some rare occasions been left speechless with my own reactions. I simply cannot explain it

Is this what they call the 'connection'? Why does this happen? Does anyone have any answers to this? Have you ever felt it? And how did you deal with it?


Meenakshi said...

We are blessed because each of us is the God head. The more you realise that you are an integral part of the majesty of creation the more you will find this sense of being led by God. When the creator becomes an integral part of your life then everyday will have the same wonder and glory. Enjoy the journey

Seema said...

It's happpened to me too. I also believe god is within. The reason i think it happens in a holy place because we are more focused there. The experience can happen anywhere. It's the focus that is required

Aijaz Pitafi said...

Let me quote renowned mystic poet Bulley Shah:

Remove duality and do away with all disputes;
The Hindus and Muslims are not other than He.
Deem everyone virtuous, there are no thieves.
For, within every body He himself resides.
How the Trickster has put on a mask!

Anon said...

Yes this is a feelin like no other and it always is indescribable!!!

Raj Makkar

Anon said...

I was recently reading this book where this exact emotion was described pretty much the same way you did.
Yes, it's true. Sometimes I feel that too - a gasping, overwhelming feeling that makes you wanna cry

Anon said...

I think that the experience of transcending one’s self can be profoundly life-affirming, even life-changing. Perhaps it is a necessary part of being a whole person. This experience allows us to find new insight into our lives. I think that although it may feel mystical, and magical, it's really just happening inside our heads.

What this means to me is that it is possible to be a spiritual Atheist, not in some pseudoscientific paranormal sense, but in the sense that ‘mind’, the software that runs on the brain, has the capacity to achieve a different level of awareness of itself.

melinda said...

You obviously are making your connections with your higher self.

Often we are in danger of focussing on the people we pray for instead of focussing on God and bringing the people, places and situations we wish to pray for into his presence.

Maybe this will help -When you pray make sure you are comfortable so that your body feels cared for in order to be comfortable.

Concentrate on your breathing for a couple of minutes to become relaxed. Now become aware of God's presence, around you, between you, and within you.

Imagine that God's power and presence are flooding into you. Become aware of his very great love for you, the whole of you, just as you are. Keep your attention on God's presence and on your awareness of his love for you

Now bring into his presence any situation or person you wish to pray for - just let them come one by one into your mind. In your imagination lift each situation or person into the presence of God. See them become filled with his power and love.

Take as much time as you need. Don't hurry. Keep your attention focussed on God as you lift those people and places that come into your mind into his presence.

Don't try to deliberately think of what to pray for just allow the pure feelings to suggest the people, nations, causes, situations to bring before God. If nothing comes don't worry, just try to stay with an awareness of God's presence within.

God bless you in your onward journey.

This is my thanksgiving prayer for you

sheila said...

How are you, my dear? Turning spiritual so young huh? Well, it hits all of us at some stage, I think. I've never been moved much by holy' places, but my moment came when I was going through all that shit in Brussels and, at one point, just threw up my hands in complete surrender and asked God - that I wanted Him to decide where I'd go from there, to take care of me, because I couldn't any more. And He did Throughout those horrible months, I felt Him with me, wrapping me in this cocoon of warmth and safety. I was going to pieces, but even so, I knew that when help was really needed, it would come - that He would never let go of my hand, no matter what. And look! It was all true!! By the way, which holy place were you talking about? Not clear from the blog.

You aren't going to believe this, but I've actually - I don't know how! - managed to lose your mob nos. in between changing various instruments! I' m frightfully sorry - not to mention embarrassed and inconvenienced! So would you please put me out of my misery and send me your numbers again? Promise to call you as soon as I get them! Mine, are the same.

Jim said...

the more clearer we get in our vision, the more we shed as extra wt, the more purer we get in intent- the more spiritual and proximity with the inner source. you doing good for yourself:)

ashish said...

My definition of God or spirituality is do good deeds, dont expect anything in return, at night before sleeping close your eyes and think of Him, and you know He is within you