Chase the monsoon magic

Rain alters and rewrites life on earth- Dad's words ring through my ears today:)

Rains are washed in myriad emotions- there are times I feel all mystical and fuzzy, when the mood is to stay snuggled warmly amidst soft fluffy quilts watching the rain pelt down and make the grass and trees glow green again.

Rains paint the skies with a strange effervescence. There comes a fluorescent grey, dark grey and sometimes even orange skies that can make me feel so lonely and the need to shed tears becomes overwhelming. A steady drip, drip, drip could give a Zen master cabin fever. And here's the real news: You know that little dip in your mood? It isn't just your imagination. Constant rain fall does get you down, its scientifically proven.

The connection between smell and emotion has been described for long. The classic one is 'O! I love the smell of earth during the first rains" - those evoke memories of young, refreshing energized love, it's an unforgettable feeling and smell. It's like the rain has touched upon every single emotion you have as well as all of your senses. It's one of those kind of things where you have to experience it firsthand in order to really understand it completely

Rains can be very sensual and romantic; cause a feeling of calm and peacefulness to wash over you; make you extremely reflective and introspective; bring about a ton of thoughts about the past/present/future and help resolve issues that I might be struggling with at that particular time.

I love listening to the rain softly hit the windows or the roof as I go to sleep. It almost creates a feeling of comfort and being safe and that in itself tends to lull me to sleep. As a child, on our summer vacations, we would be allotted the top floor room in the house (so that we kids had our own space) where the roof was made of tin and it rained quite often and the sound of the rain rhythmically hitting that tin roof while we slept in either a hammock or on a cot would gently rock us to sleep and that's a memory that is stirred up every time I hear it rain.

I love walking while it's raining, preferably when it's in the evening when there aren't too many people about, because there's just something...well, I'm not sure what word to use is...but it's very calming but also sensual - the rain gently lands on your skin and trickles down your arms or legs and it really doesn't get much better than that.

Early rains, rains when the earth is parched and lose dust is flying about, rain that ups the water supply to our homes, rain that gushes for an hour and then allows the sun to shine thru the rest of the day, rain when I am at home or office but no rain when I am on the road, rain when I am blue and rain when I am with my loved ones, rain that washes off the grime from city roofs and trees, rain that announces its intent with thunder and lighting, rain that is slow and forever in the cold blistery clime - there are just way too many moods associated with rains.

PS: What do you feel when it rains? How does it make you feel high on life/low in life?


Shweta said...

Ah! the rain :) I like it when it is a summer warm rain :) ) I get used to the rain, especially living in Malaysia so… but after every rain the sun comes out eventually.

Raj said...

I have always liked to be out in the rain. I used to fish brown trout in relatively remote areas during rain storms. Having my rain coat and waders on while the rain dripped from my hat created some great memories. The fishing was always better at the beginning of the storm.

One of my fondest memories of rain is a 5 minute short film they used to show at our local theater. It showed a farm yard during a rain storm. The camera was used to show the angles the farm animals might have seen from their safe places in the barn or coop. The sounds and sights of a good spring thunder storms still make me feel good.

rajindermakkar said...

Oh Oh, must identify meself diferently, another follower wid de same moniker...

The rains, they come down bringin wid dem the myriad colours up there wid all sorts of flavours thrown in. Sometimes they bring along a rainbow too. They can be x-citing and they could prove a nuisance, depends on what u r upto...

RavneetSingh said...

truly truly a wonderful day.rained the entire day..its kinda those days which always puts you in the mood...either you wallow in the mire of depression or experience the bliss of the was one of the days when it brought back memories of the carefree childhood days when everything was simple ..todays rain has compelled me to remember again the things i have forgotten...i felt glad that atleast a tiny part of the blithesome litlle kid still survives someplace inside me. i remembered today the feeling i used to get when raindrops fell on my face..i remembered how i used to love splashing about in the puddles of water..i remembered how i loved going out cycling in the rain..i remembered the blissful feeling i got sitting outside when it was just about 10 minutes before raining..i remembered those school days when we got wet while coming back home..

Anon said...

Nice………I feel soooooooooooooo happy & the first thought which comes to mind is …

it must be quenching thirst of Mother earth. Second …How joyous the farmer would feel…& also silent prayer …God pls. take care of Kutch & Vidarbha.

God pls. give Budhi to Builders not to cut trees as soooooooooooooooo may lives depend on Rains ( Significant % of farmers can only do one round of Kheti as there is no water source./ do not tubewell etc.)


For me ….its birth….its new Life

Sense of fulfillment

Sense of Security – for this world

I love getting drenched …love the swell in sea when it pours :)

Very much Invigorating

I love doing Chap Chap in the rain…feel like bringing kids from their home ( glued to games/ TV or) and make them feel …want to make paper boats along with them and playing …lighting diyas in the water :)

OOPs- written a lot..Vandy

Sonu said...

Nicely put...I'm actually beginning to like the monsoon :)

Neelu said...

I love it. It brings hope of abundance to every one of us, in the village and in the city!

It's the breeding season for fish, so seafood lovers, stay away for those months!

In Mumbai, it's the best if you can stay home, a warm safe place if it's on the first floor and above!

melinda said...

Yday there was an absolute downpour of rain!First of all, I love rain and I realized as it coldly soaked through my shoes how much I rather missed the feeling of it! Do you ever do that? Realize that you haven't felt something so natural and simple in a long time?

Anon said...

i know, rain always inspires us in some ways
here are my thoughts on rain:
1. Rain is where people can hide their tears, it can erase their sadness or Rain can wash away tears and freshen mind, lighten sadness :D
2. Rain can make everything cool and pure , reminds us about rebirth, green, ease
3. Joining rain we can experience how much we are natural
4. Listening to the rain is one of good way to spread our mind to outside and no bound for our thoughts ( past, present, future and much more)
you know, i had sometimes imagined im a princess as i sit in front of window , it was raining and my prince charming comes galloping thru the rain and sweeps me off my feet on this white horse with the rain pelting against us:D

Little Miss said...

Mee, your well written blog and the lovely comments here sum up most of the emotions I feel when the raindrops come down.

I like the rain, without rain there would be no rainbow :)

kay said...

i love the rain.makes you feel all relaxed and pensive , as you look at it thru your window , makes everything look new and washed.makes me want to eat hot bhajiyas or pau vadas. sometimes when it thunders with lightining it can make it seem so awesome . love the rains here in losangeles comes without the kichad, so my feet dont get mucky.