Kapil Sibal is an Idiot

Is freedom of expression a negotiable in a Democracy?

Why has it been made political?

When hate and distrust grow bigger and intenser (pardon the English) towards the Political community, isn't it time for them to face the music?

But hey, look at the gumption this current UPA2 is putting the nation thru! In Hindi there is a proverb (ulta chor kotwal ko daante)- a thief gets all aggro with the Law! That pretty much sums the current situation UPA2 is putting India thru - they do not have the stomach to deal with vocal criticism, hence are now, trying to force their hand by threatening the common man with dire consequences thru the Law!!

Why and when did we reach such a dictatorial status? Bcos of current Govt's lack of efficiency, ineffective reforms, lack of implementation and zilch delivery of promises for the last sooo many years.

When you work in a Corporate, and, don't deleiver to your set KRA's what happens? You are fired!! Why the lack of accountability mired in such dire threats by this incapable dysfunctional Govt then?? Laughable!!

This Govt, which is quaking in its boots, unable to deliver a days worth of response to the nation, is hanging in there by its teeth, desperately clinging to power, unembarrassed and thick skinned at the various faults that have been pointed out. What would a decent govt have done its place? Resign? Make way for elections? With lightening speed...bring in reforms and do an about turn to deliver efficiency?

This Govt has not shown no intent, no results. So well then UPA2, face the music "by the people" Cause we aint taking no shyte lying low no-more!! Enough of this dictatorial regime trouncing on the will of the people, enough of your fake promises of reforms, enough of your BS. Enough!!

If you know how to take the appreciation and the kudos, have the tenacity to take the brickbats and the criticism too! Dont you dare, use the threat of the law, to fight the people of this nation, who merely ask that you deliver to the promises made!!

No relationship can be one sided. Shape up or ship out. As simple. Stop this crap about censoring the Net, when you dont even know what the real power of the Net is!

Kapil Sibal took a mtg with some Internet Providers and FB folks telling them how their party president Sonia Gandhi was being maligned in social media. Hey get real Kapil Sibal. If your Party president and in turn you lackeys cannot understand the meaning of "delivering to the electorate" get the hell out of the way. Lets someone else more efficient than you guys, occupy those chairs and work for the nation!! Stop wasting our time in innane discussions. There are urgent fires this nation is battling...and someone needs to get that work done!

So Google and FB got back to this inefficient govt:

This country is not UPA's personal regime nor their personal property. We are tired of this dyansitc rule. We love this country way too much. We need our air to breathe and value our freedom of expression way too much to allow the likes of this Idiot Kapil Sibal to run amok with it.

A word of advise to UPA2: Use this arrogance you show us, with China and such countries. Maybe then you may earn our respect.