What do you do when you are caught out?

I have been party to some of these below incidences myself and some I have been through with friends.

** You are driving at your pace, you realize the amber light soon will give way to Red and you speedup to avoid stoppage time. You shoot past the lights, the sneaky cops hiding behind the shade of a large tree whistle you to stop. You have to pull alongside the kerb

** Its past hours, and your general smartness leads you to go past the lights since you think no cops could be hanging out on duty at this hour! And to your bad luck you land squarely in the midst of a large force of cops who are on a naka band duty

** You get caught for shooting the lights. You are not carrying your driving license with you. And the cop is threatening to fine you

** You are sic of the log jam traffic and are weary. You want to get back home and unwind. So you decide to exit out of the flyover, at the next available mode. You cut from extreme right lane into the extreme left lane, causing ire amongst other fellow drivers and exiting out of a route which is only for incoming traffic. Wham! You get caught by the cops who have been awaiting the bakra.

** You go to the movies. You don’t believe in advance bookings. But you do believe in first day first shows. So you are willing to buy tickets in black. You are adept at even spotting the black marketer’s. But this time it happens to be umm an undercover cop.

** You have just had a super cool fun evening. Now you are on your way back home. A couple of drinks down, happy, music blasting you are singing along. Cruising on the highway, cops not only hail you down for speeding, but also want to do a breath analyzer on you.

** You park your car in a no parking area, thinking you can zip across and back without anyone picking you up. You wrap up your chores and on return find the car towed away.

** You go to the passport office which explicitly tells you no middle men allowed for paperwork- everything must be done by the person concerned. Yet given your unearthly work hours, you rely on a reliable passport agent, paying him lots of money to double quick your papers and you get picked up by the cops for wrong doing.

** The boards around specifically say ‘no smoking’, yet you will sneak into washrooms or behind trees and light up.

No point in guessing which of the above incidences was I personally involved in:)

The reason I was compelled to write this post is I am ashamed of the number of people I know personally in my world, who are willing to do wrong, bribe their way out brazenly. All in the excuse of lack of time! Or by saying crazy stupid lies.

These brazen acts are accomplished with such élan that they actually see no wrong doing in their act nomore. Which is a such a huge pity and morally so wrong!

When Bombay was attacked by terrorists - ever wondered exactly in the same measure as you bribe someone for smaller offenses - some terrorists bribed someone for their boats or for a job at the Taj, or for an entry into some classified areas!

Do we even realize what we are doing is criminal? It is an offense by law? In our brazen moneyed attitude let’s not forget that we indeed are ruled by laws.

When cops fail their duty, have you asked why ? Instead of talking about their low incomes and rationalizing their need to fill their pockets - have you ever asked yourself what if you stop your wily wicked ways of wrong doing first.

How difficult is it to stop at the lights? How difficult can it be to not drink and drive but instead take a cab back home? How difficult is it to advance book movie tickets? How difficult is it to carry your driving license on you?

How difficult is it to adhere by the law? Be a responsible citizen? If you want this city, nation or even this planet to be a safer place for your children, then you must stop these wrong doings. PLEASE.