Hindi should have been my forte…alas!

There are some words in Hindi which are simply rich, weighty, fat and meaningful. If one tries to explain the word- one runs the risk of losing the magic of that word

One such word that simply works its way to my soul is ‘Apnapan’- early on working on a brand of decorative wall finishes paint I realized the potential of this word which speaks volumes of emotions.

Imagine this

A gentle touch of a finger, the tear wiped - a damn of tears swell to release

A leg resting gently against another – complete harmony

A glance of empathy amidst strangers - a connection

A gentle caring ear to unload without hesitation – unflinching support

A caring voice that soothes the demons away – an enveloping security

A slight nod of approval from the eyes – swelling of pride

A look of askance – replenished confidence

A spontaneous chatter – soul connection

Feel this apnapan in the many million reflections of life