Things I dislike about cricket

Things I dislike about cricket now that the World cup football is behind me

1. Footballers play in the thick of heavy rainfall and snowfall-why is it that a cricketer on the pretense of bad light can walk away half day?! Their fat salaries are paid by the people who have braved the rains and even sacrificed their earnings to come watch the game- so play you cricketers, complaint less!

2. I tend to dislike cricket as it is governed by administrators! Those handful of cricketers who are part of the Admin are so lackluster that clearly their existence on the panel is to justify legitimacy. As if! Remember David Ogilvy said the consumer-(in this case the cricket fan) - is not a moron. She is your Fan! So pay attention to the sport and on getting too smart you risk losing your fans!

3. I understand sports give a huge fillip to a nation. People are awesome proud in Spain today am sure. But does cricket have to become ‘we the BCCI are the richest of them all’ or ‘Mere pass Sachin Tendulkar hai” What is this dumb superiority inferiority complex all about. It’s only a game people. Be proud by all means, be aware of the fragile line that can make us arrogant and disliked the world over

4. The football world cup was an intense one month affair. The Wimbledon or Olympics get done in 2 weeks - why does cricket feel like an epic played over episodes and weeks and months?! Lets see some good intense hi caliber games and close it early. That way our ‘dil will maangae more’!

5. Despite the late hour telecast I struggled to stay awake to watch the football matches, never did I miss a single game (barring the opening game that is) – and yet with the long drawn out cricket affair, despite us being a cricket hungry nation - we cannot make the games enticing enough? Cheer leaders don’t do it for us!

6. Yes trp’s and revenue models are a must for TV telecast- but does that mean you gotta shove ads in every square inch of time? ! Do you realize we watch tv for the matches and not for ads - worst nightmare is when you squeeze an ad just in the thick of a tension filled point in the match or overplay your dumb ads and we lose to see a wicket is lost or a massive shot is played.

7. I like Sidhu- even think he is funny at times. But do we need commentators that jabber jabber so much during commentary- can we not keep it focused- don’t tell me the obvious- I can see, remember I am watching and not hearing alone!

8. You have technology in cricket unlike football. Yet you fail miserably in taking fair decisions. Perhaps we need complete technology next in places of umpires who turn a deaf ear and a blind eye to all that is wrong and incorrect on the field?!

9. Ahh my pet peeve- the managers of cricket are unable to get the red or the pink or the yellow Test match ball manufactured yet! Always defective and cannot be seen right under the flood lights right?!:) I mean are we in the 21st century living cutting edge creative solutions or are we back in the stone ages? Move on or you will be left behind.

10. IPL is a good thing that has happened to cricket. The governing body pls read my lips. Don’t screw the game because you have personal axe’s to grind with each other. Keep your petty politics aside or play your politics before or after the matches not during!

11. And finally learn the art of ‘short is sweet’ While you may put up the IPL and win the hearts of the public don’t convert a speaking opportunity to make a speech on famedom and fiefdom please.


Jim said...

The one good I see in both the World cup and your cricket is no incidents of violence have been reported ever - a big one that:) Good show keep it up!:)

sheila said...

Perhaps the next big challenge for India will be (a) how to attract other nationals to the country for more than cricket as a sport and (b) perhaps commonwealth games soon to be hosted by you'll might be a good start point to explore tourism and safety.

melinda said...

Why are other sports not promoted in India??:(

gita said...

Both cricket and football are team games,but in cricket, matches can be won without the need for every player performing.Ask Sachin! High time that all players started performing, no?:)

Mee said...

@Jimmy -So true!ty:)

@Shell- o yea true- how about when will we make it to the world cup football scene?:)

@Mel- The sponsors-largely the private sector - for obvious reasons back cash cows. We need some visionary folks like Aanad mahindra who can start backing this rich in talent country to win metals on scores of intnl sports!

Gits- bulls eye:)