Hindi should have been my forte…alas!

There are some words in Hindi which are simply rich, weighty, fat and meaningful. If one tries to explain the word- one runs the risk of losing the magic of that word

One such word that simply works its way to my soul is ‘Apnapan’- early on working on a brand of decorative wall finishes paint I realized the potential of this word which speaks volumes of emotions.

Imagine this

A gentle touch of a finger, the tear wiped - a damn of tears swell to release

A leg resting gently against another – complete harmony

A glance of empathy amidst strangers - a connection

A gentle caring ear to unload without hesitation – unflinching support

A caring voice that soothes the demons away – an enveloping security

A slight nod of approval from the eyes – swelling of pride

A look of askance – replenished confidence

A spontaneous chatter – soul connection

Feel this apnapan in the many million reflections of life


gita said...

Kya baat kya baat kya baat- as one of those grand masters would say:)!!

Shweta said...

On that first reading the surprise for me lay in the 'feelings' of the word: it is all things above board, pure, oneness- nothing about the sinister. What a lovely word it is. Thanks for reminding me.

Anon said...

I have got loads of apnapan here in Ireland...god bless the irish...


rajindermakkar said...

Yes, the power of the word. However, try translating ERASER into Hindi:)

ashish said...

When you feel so comfortable and in harmony with another the power to move the world is one's:) Our world needs a gigantic shot of apnapan becos nobody believes no more in reaching out

Neelu said...

I heard this word from you after we met for he very first time for coffee in Grand Hyatt remember?

We both felt apnapan !

muse said...

apnapan, that's whats missing .... I wrote a poem on that some time ago...wohi toh nahin hai...there is so much talk, too many things 'apnapan'. I used to feel 'apnapan'when my friend would walk in and demand to be fed, 'pakoras' on a rainy day and soup on another, insist I drop everything to accompany her shopping. Formality is anathema to apnapan.

Aijaz Ahmed Pitafi said...

Listen to this song please:

Mee said...

@Gits- so u becoming Mithunda hmmm:)0u need to appropriate the moves of the big disco dancer too:)

@Shweta- :) u articulated it so well

@Jo -glad Ireland is treating you well:)

@Raj- :)

@Ash- So very true- we could do with more loving, caring, giving in earnest:)

@Muse- if the 'hint hint' is for me- then the apnapan continues to be thr darling:) - used to feel very guilty abt making you work so hard for my sake:)

@Aijaz- heard it - its a beautiful song - took me back to the time when Dad and Mom were choking on their emotions at bidayee and still smiling softly and reassuringly at their daughter:) The love of parents for their daughter is another thing altogether

Anon said...

Add to that - the gentle chiding of a mother or a grown-up child, knowing that they will never be misunderstood.

Criticising a parent or sibling - which nobody else is allowed to do without risk of their eyes being gouged out.

Gentle criticism by a loyal friend, and you knowing that you're a fool if you don't trust her judgment.

My cook of decades telling me, when I'm out of the door in a mad rush, Akka you forgot to wear earrings!

Apnapan is not just intimacy to me, it is all knowing, all seeing but unconditional love and loyalty.

I love some Hindi expressions too. (Actually Hindustani).

In that context,check the link below, Faiz Ahmed Faiz's classic and most famous ghazal
which many fine English writers have tried in vain to translate.

Read the godawful English translation (this is no translator, just some hack trying to rhyme. Btw, even the Urdu has a glaring error)

Play the Noorjehan video,minimize it (she's godawful tacky, as is the set) and just listen to her glorious rendition.

You'll see how English just doesn't do it sometimes.

Thanks for marking your blogs to me even though I don't always acknowledge them.

I read most of your posts and admire your sensitivity, spiritedness and zest, not to mention your writing talent.

I wish I had known you better when we worked at O&M.

'bye for now


Anon said...

Was this side to you always there M, and I had never noticed and felt it before? Or it has lately surfaced up?

I can see you absorbing and observing more. I can see you feeling things really deeply.


Anon said...

Was this side to you always there M, and I had never noticed and felt it before? Or it has lately surfaced up?

I can see you absorbing and observing more. I can see you feeling things really deeply.


Mee said...

@Suguna- you are being very very kind to me :) Indeed sad we did not interact much while we were within the network at the same time. But heck better late than never:)

@Meera- the soul can never be wiped it can be cloaked - perhaps I was immaturely shielding it in case I be seen as a sissy ?:)

Anon said...

Apanapan - nicely expressed :)

Indeed, there are so many words - if you try translate - you do not get real essence :)

I to do not bother ...and say it in Hindi! as it connnects well ....Hamari Matrabhasha:) Rashtrabhasa:)