Haiti earthquake

Haiti earthquake left in its wake, death, disease,destruction.

Prayers and all help is what Haiti needs on an immediate basis.

I couldnt help but simultaneously think would the rest of the world have come to India's aid as they/we have reached out to Haiti's?

In India we have seem many many disasters, some that have impacted us directly (like the monsoon floods a couple of yrs ago in Bombay) some that have impacted our fellow Indians somewhere in some part of the nation

I have always felt that it is the strength of us as a people to take care of ourselves and help each other at the moment required that makes us a nation some different from others. We are resourceful. Helpful. In a quiet dignified manner.

During the monsoon floods which caused havoc with child and elderly alike, home and roads, school and traffic...individuals moved to action immediately, people forming human survival lines to reach those trapped in cars or on foot by rising waters; people volunteering food from their own humble tables to those stranded or unable to continue their journey.

During the train bombings, the poor, whose lean-to homes line the tracks, brought their blankets and coats to cover the wounded and to make slings to carry them to taxis. The many taxis waiting by the station door for fares, became ambulances carrying the wounded to nearby hospitals. Were it not for the TLC of these first responders and the other passengers on the train I am sure the number of lives lost would have been more.

In the earthquake and the tsunami, ALL Indian’s contributed resources for recovery, including money, clothes, food, and even family members to help eliminate the suffering of their fellow Indians.

Indians do for each other quietly and without show. Helping and giving have karmic power in an individual’s life, but are not done to get praise; are done because it is the right thing to do.

On the 15th of January India pledged $5,000,000 to assist in Haiti’s recovery….from one resilient people to another, the Indian Prime Minister sent India’s thoughtful support saying, “We have no doubt that the people of Haiti have the strength and resilience to overcome this natural disaster.”

The reason I penned my thoughts down on this disaster and the role Indians play at such times, was because India rarely ever gets recognized by its own people. We are too hard on ourselves. I think India has been beaten up so much by power hungry corrupt Indians within, or by insecure foreign nations who can sense the Giant nation's wakening - that we often don't get appreciated from the outside, nor do we pat ourselves on our back and say we are indeed the best.

Well done India:) Keep the silent and powerful spirit always alive:) Am so proud to belong to this nation!:)


Jim said...

I am deeply saddened by the loss of so many lives and property as a result of the earthquake that struck the capital city Port-au-Prince on Tuesday.

I extend my sympathy and heartfelt condolences to all those families who have been directly affected by what I understand is the worst quake in two centuries in the history of Haiti.

I offer my prayers for those who have lost their lives in this tragedy and condolences to their families and others affected by this natural disaster.

As regards India all you say is true, more power to India.

Shweta said...

It is our duty to help others, where we see that they are in danger or in pain, or need help. It is our duty to share what we have of the beautiful and of the good, with others. This is simply decently human.

melinda said...

Western nations have been taught to believe in a personal God outside of themselves, one who could be influenced by prayers for special favors -- a god who was, in fact, an enormous image of human personality. How could people so believing be expected to develop the impersonal, the lordly and divine side of their natures? How could they, taught that they were born in sin and that eternal bliss or torture was to follow this short life on earth -- lived often against great odds and with little help; taught also that belief in the blood of the Son of God insures their safety: how could they, indeed, fail to have their sense of justice blunted? The fact that, in spite of this, the qualities of compassion, gentleness, forbearance, mercy, kindness still flower in Western lands, is a standing witness to the divinity within the human heart.

sanjiv said...

very touchingly written post...and its come as a very personal message for me today... thanks for this

gita said...

What's life worth ? Look at the tragedies around us- Tsunami in South Asia, the Earth Quake in China and then in Pakistan. The thot of good vs evil, morality, religion all come into question. The equation between Sin and suffering, between Karmic action and Consequence.

What Sin did hundreds of thousands of people, including children, commit to call upon such suffering ? It once again brings to bear how fragile lives we humans live

No one can predict such tragedies- but we strive to create a more caring and happy society.

RavneetSingh said...

Tragedies of such epic proportions touch us deeply and they make us cry as we safely sit in our homes and offices. In a little while new calamities will push back the meaning of all this into the opaque regions of our consciousness and before we know it we are back to business as usual.

sheila said...

At the heart of Haiti's humanitarian crisis is an age old question for many religious people - how can God allow such terrible things to happen?

Perhaps it would be fair this tragedy, if all the victims - even the newborns - were so bad that they deserved their agonising deaths, but it's impossible to believe that is the case.

My theory is when goodness degenerates to such an extent that it is near impossible to find it, that is when goodness regenerates and develops again - when it is most needed. Perhaps this a reminder to all of us?

Mike said...

The Japanese (90% Buddhist) have a saying that pain is our best friend. Because for the most part we learn and grow the most from painful experiences. If we are not born new, but simply coming around for another shot at growth (reincarnation), then the notion of a child being pure is put aside. If pain is our friend, then the notion of pain as cruel is put aside. If death is not the end, then the notion of unfair or untimely death being the worst thing imaginable is put aside

ashish said...

All I know and have learnt this from this horrific tragedy is- I will tell all those I love, how much I love them. So that when I am nomore they know I loved them. Perhaps it is time to show we care more openly than ever before?