Java City my local Starbucks

There was this warm friendly neighborhood coffee hangout I used to frequent at my old workplace; hadn’t been there for some time. I was passing by the other day and thought I should pop in to have my evening caffeine shot there. As I approached, the same old steward smiled and greeted me, I took my usual table with the world view, he brought my usual cappuccino and cookies the way I always had there, accompanied with the usual butter croissant the way I like, with my usual drink, and a copy of the usual paper I read. I looked around, breathed the coffee aromas wafting most enticingly past me, watched the world go by. All this, without either one of us exchanging a single word.

I sat there, gazing from my ‘usual’ place for sometime. I hadn’t realized that I always ordered the same thing; I hadn’t realized I always read the paper while eating. I hadn’t realized that this ‘familiar stranger’ knew my evening snack routine better than me.

Don’t know why the theme song Cheers popped into my head at that moment…followed by a smile.

How many familiar strangers do I know? How many do you know?


Anon said...

Lovely!!!!! Brought both a smile and tear to my eye...


Anon said...

I want a hug too -
Loved reading it Mee


Anon said...

You really are a good writer; to top it you do make time to blog. Very nice.
Sometimes I wonder, does writing lighten you up.
I completely identify with this post


gita said...

Hmmmm sigh! Wat you post is so true. I completely agree with my smile:)

RavneetSingh said...

In the normal rush of life we don't even think abt these things- and with a post you have pushed me towards so many good thoughts.ty

Neelu said...

And this is fast and furious Mumbai!

Brian said...

We had a colleague's bday party at Java city on saturday (church street, bangalore). It was so nice to go back to his place and to catch the local band play there. The best part was that their rates are still the same which makes it cheaper than CCDs and the quality is much much better.