2009 LS elections - my truth

Why did I feel such a great sense of elation? Such a rush? As if this were a personal victory when Congress won a near majority? I searched deep within for some real answers.

I think I was grateful for the fact that we did not have a half and half verdict because that would have meant much horse trading and opportunism. I was so afraid that the educated masses were so divided about BJP versus Congress and no emergence of an alternative plausible 3rd national party that both could have drawn blood and us ‘aam junta’ would have been forgotten in the war of internal politics. I also was somewhere deeply worried the young were still shirking from their responsibilities despite so many efforts to draw them into the circle to exercise their voting rights and they abstaining may have led to a negative back lash like a Sena or MNS gaining more power! Thank God none of this happened.

I certainly did not want to see religion and caste dividing my country any further in the middle. I am fully aware that the BJP has done little right over the past five years in Opposition to merit any positive views. Even the Congress led UPA Government had not scored any brownie points during the same period for any performance led results with an urban dweller like me.

Maybe the gratitude of seeing Congress emerge victorious was felt so strongly by me perhaps because I felt this was a party that maybe was the better evil amongst the two? Maybe Congress would be less hungry for power between the two parties (as Congress had been in power much longer before and hence maybe satiated some?). I most definitely feel that local issues impact the decision of voters, young or old and the 26/11 Bombay terror attacks were a latent reminder of a large looming threat over us people and instinctively with so much finger pointing being indulged in by the BJP at Congress, it felt right to uphold Congress with a will to change things for the better for the country because pedigree of the C-party people stood out stark, almost reassuringly this elections. Led by Manmohan Singh, and a relatively young brigade like Rahul Gandhi, Jyotiraditya, Sachin Pilot, Jatin, Omar and a battery of able sharp shooting PR speakers of the C-brigade made me feel confident about Congress and that they could have my vote.

Now it is for us to ensure we hold these happy fellas, accountable, post victory. They certainly have made the right noises about security, internal issues like the naxals and economic development, and inducting young people into the cabinet etc. It’s imperative that every Indian seek a score card of progress and transparency in development - economically and socially - from this victorious C-party frequently, to keep track of performance led politics:)


sanjiv said...

It is not surprising, these results. Since some months now the online community was abuzz with discussions related to various aspects of the elections.

It was not only a big election in terms of numbers, it was also a big election for us in terms of timing. Last November, the attack in Mumbai shook up our politically apathetic youngsters and brought them out into the streets.

Since then, a series of digital civil society initiatives made inroads to seek civic engagement among the Indian youth though its anyones guess how successful or otherwise the attempts were. But was a start nonetheless to engage with the political process
In depth

I'd say this civic consciousness is on the rise finally.

ashish said...

I see red when I see anything to do with the elections! For a citizen of this country to wade through the kind of troubles I went through to try and get my papers ready to vote was and continues to be a gigantic monumental task! I was denied my right to vote thanks to inept election govt officials who simply were never inclined to be helpful ever!
I grew up in once place, studied in another and then am working in a third place. How in Gods name will I be able to produce all the damn papers and forms they need from me?! I even went back to my hometown to register myself there and get to vote from there and that too became a mammoth task. Yea you told me about which turned out to be the least helpful site, so after much frustration I simply let go of the idea to vote!

Shvetal said...

Though a die-hard BJP fan, I am too elated at these results. Finally India has casted a decisive vote. This only reflects the maturity of our democracy. What India has done is demonstrated is that performance matters most over other petty issues like caste, religion, community, etc. I hope that the other leading political parties learn a lesson from this and concentrate now more on Nation building, actual issues of good governance and stability in policy.

More than anything else, this continuity will perhaps ensure a faster exit from the current recessionary trend (A certain singh called MSA will not agree to my choice of words). Finally Singh is King.

melinda said...

Now that Congress has won in this coalition era pretty decently they will field baba Rahul?:) It appears to me that Congress is fishing for public reaction to baba Rahul Gandhi becoming the next PM ( look across the many headlines in dailies, also his vehement denial for any cabinet berth). Congress is treading softly this time in promoting Rahul Gandhi, given the strong negative public reaction in the last election to the prospect of Sonia Gandhi becoming the PM - smart move indeed if this be accurate:)

Mee said...

The country's stock market surged over 17 percent when it opened Monday for the first time since the election results were announced. The rise was so dramatic it forced an end to the day's trading. So you have reason to feel euphoric Mee:)

The near-collapse of India's once-powerful communist parties will allow Singh to become King finally. He returns for a second term, to pursue key reforms in insurance, pension funds, banking and retail and thats very good news-there should be more foreign money coming in:)

However, what happens to a third of our 1.1 billion people living in abject poverty? More than 90 percent working in the informal, unorganized sector? Initiatives that guarantee employment to the poor in rural India and alleviate farmer debt are going to bite us in the ass if there is no real effort to find productive job creation for people. So any new programs must look to offset current onerous fiscal deficit and create new job opportunities aided by education for domestic industry. Is my humble opinion:)

Jim said...

Will all the claims made this election, be delivered, is the moot point, left to be seen

sheila said...

As I watch tv news and see the hectic big demands put forth by the tmc n dmk I am amazed at the incongruity of the situation. They look into the camera straight faced and say we do not want anything in the cabinet and yet their demands which we hear "from sources" are hungry, greedy and full of driving a bargain!! Everyone wants their pound of flesh,,, makes the surge of happiness short lived, doesn't it Mee?

Shweta said...

I absolutely second your sentiments Mee, I too was much happy for us, the nation:) now keeping fingers crossed for stability security and progress. Enough of the trash of caste religion and community!

Raj said...

For the sake of our stability I hope by the time we go into the next elections 5 yrs hence one party gets a thumping majority so that the likes of dmk mercenaries can go sink themselves in the sea!!bloody jerks!!honestly smaller parties do spoil the focus for the country!!

Anon said...

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