Women- half way there?

Women- strong power? Or smooth cooperation?

Have we seen accomplished women in our world? Have we felt their strong presence?

Her views on power, goverance, politics are largely associated with male charachteristics. She would rather avoid conflict than engage in it, leaving the field open to her being manipulated

In times like now when life is so multi dimensional, needing reinforcements and replenishment's a female stands the acid test of multi roles, soft and hard facets of a leader and a marquee manager

Many women do hold center-stage today, because people believe in them. Women present themselves more honestly, transparently, with clarity, speak a direct language that is relevant and connects. However is that the norm?

Women run countries with as much ease as they run creches with sensitivity and care
And here is a revelation - 50% of our electorate today are women. That's a sea change of statistics when you compare it to the days when women were not allowed to step out of home and from behind purdahs

Sure it is not easy. But then again sucess is not for the feeble hearted. The juggling for the top is fraught with stress, power play, frenetic lobbying, compromising. Infact in a candid moment you may even hear the admittance that she has made it to the top because of the men in her life. O nari, tu kyon itni pyari:)

Listen to this- Even today, one wishes for a son rather a daughter. Even today women have to fight for their rightful place in the corporate ladder. Even today if she is a tad too harsh with her colleagues she feels remorse and sad.

So how will she make it to the top? I know its fashionable to think living in cities like ours that women have arrived, but it is so far from the truth. Will she ever make it to the top like her male counterpart? Will the male bastion be on the verge of crumbling? If stats have their way then women have quite a long way to go before taking on the male bastion in the top of the chain-in-command.

SO maybe the trick lies not in competing but delineating the two bastions. By defining a new paradigm for herself? Where she is queen of all she rules? Till such a time the combination of environmental, cultural and societal reasons don't re-engineer, the marathon will chug onwards for the quest of the final bastion...


ashish said...

Being a woman is a terribly difficult task, since it consists principally in dealing with men — so said 19th Century Polish novelist Joseph Conrad. And the task gets even more challenging when some dare to invade the male bastion

melinda said...

Gender divide, huh? I met this gutsy 30-year-old Dipali. She is the first woman in Jharkhand to become an engine driver and it is not just coal, but her courage too, that is put under fire everyday.

Plying during bandhs is a problem, but Maoists usually have been sparing them. And that's because she stays focused and does all that her job demands. So what would we say this is about? Storming the male bastion?:)

Jim said...

Nowhere is the divide more sharper than in sports. Sportswomen are shabbily treated - They're patronised, poor cousin of sportsmen, and on the rare occasions they do get a moment of publicity and exposure, they're often marginalized and trivialized; judged on their looks and appearance as much as their tactics and performance. For them, sexism is an everyday reality. Blokedom rules the roost. Misogyny lurks in the shadows. So yes you are right while the run for women in underway, women are nowhere near breaking into the male bastion yet.

Mike said...

IN the corporate ladder the inequality and discrimination is ridiculous - we see it in subtle forms and sometimes not so subtle in the usa! the sexual encounters are far more than some young guys getting their rocks off. It is always about masculinity, power and dominance, issues associated with sexual encounters and the way these guys view women

Sonu said...

I am off on a total tangent here, but I fail to see why does stereo-typification have to happen? 'Comparing men to women [or vice versa]' isn't an ideology I subscribe to...the only thought that should ideally matter is the Individual! If someone is doing something well [whether driving an engine or raising a family or doing both] it should not matter whether she is 'she' or he is 'he'

The 'parameters' men & women are 'evaluated' on are very different...which is why it always seems like women are playing the catching-up game!

sheila said...

Even the most developed nations dont have equality for women. Its all a big farce. If you dip into research of the western developed cultures the same issues plague that society too.

gita said...

The moment women shun persecution complex and level with themselves, they will have won this battle for sure

Shweta said...

I agree with your post Mee. Women need to define new paradigms for themselves and can not be always be living in comparative framework. We need evangelists all over the world to make a movement of this. Its so sad to see women and girls being subjected to humiliation n perversity and lowly acts of barbarianism, one feels death might be better than this!

sanjiv said...

yaar this argument /discussion is a non starter Mee. since time immemorial the fight has been about equality, inequality! that is the rule of the jungle you see- you cannot have 2 lions as king in one den!:)