Sex and the city

Everybody told me what a crappy movie this was. Ofcourse
the reviews trashed it. Friends trashed it. Even foes turned their nose at it. But I could not get the tv serial outta my
head and I had to know how bad the movie was for myself!

Zero expecations. Promise of Vithhal bhel. A valet to park the car.
Familiar college days of St Xaviers and I walk into the theatre frown free :)
The movie begins, empty theatre barring a clutch of college kids and I find myself actually begining to warm up to the movie:)

The jokes were nowhere near as sharp as the tv series but I enjoyed and cackled and even cried when the jerk leaves her jilted at the altar:(

So at the risk of being ridiculed by my friends - I liked the movie guys, it reminded me so so so much of my girlfriends and the time spent together

Go on now - you can take a dig at mee:)


melinda said...

I know exactly what you mean, its a girl thing, the bonding, the dumbell things, the sharp wit, the fun, tears, joy, yea well it was all there in Tsatc! I miss you guys:(
In calif nobody has the time of day:(, I so look forward to your blog:)
Way to go girl
Seeya soooon

Ahmed said...

well, I guess nobody can say anything against you if you like a movie. I haven't watched the movie and I have no intention of doing so. right when Wimbeldon is producing great tennis from Fedrer and other Russian surprises I think the four girls with their fashion shows could take the back seat. But if you enjoyed the movie, then good for you. I know others were not as lucky.

Ajeya said...

wtf! you went to xavier's even? how small is this world!?!?!? :)

ALLEX said...

I liked the spirit of your watching the movie. Many things we enjoy if we dont have any expectations. If the movie is watched with the pure time pass spree then no doubt the movie is worth watching.

priya said...

We are all suckers for happy endings, arn't we?! Hated the idea of these 40 something women tittering like 16 year olds,(Wearing labels doth not give thee class,not even to these 4), hated the unreal closet(really, i am not generally a cynic!)and.....hell, nobody asked me what i thought of the film!! Sorry about that. Love your intent to connect and communicate, M! Bravo. PS: Ahmed seems to be the last of the discrete, diplomatic and egalitarian of the male species left on this planet! Enough there to condone the devotion to the soccer ball....!!

Mee said...

Mel- ty, seeya soon

Ahmed - I saw the djokovic game and was miserable when he lost, and then turkey losing to the germans was a sad ending 2:(

Ajeya- you know the world is now a global village:)nxt we will be exchanging stories of the auditorium nxt door and the jazz yatras and...:-)

Priya - :) am all for soccer and tennis myself:)
Hey am back tomo late frm Kol, u lemme knw when nxt week?

Mike said...

How delightfully honest:)
Go, go, go! Keep good.

sabith khan said...

Firstly, congratulations on the new blog :) I knew another one was in the offing....

Havent seen the movie, but hope to watch it soon....perhaps will give a peek into a woman's mind...


samir said...

well, i have still not seen the
Movie to be able to comment, will update after watching it. You could be right that the episodes were more chunkier.
Its like Reading the book where 500 pages are shrunk to 90 mins of visuals.

Mee said...

Mikey! Ty!

Sabith- Am not sure abt tat!

Samir -hmmm true. Am waiting to know more abt your Himalayas trip